Anybody do fantasy football?

Don't get me wrong.. I absolutely despise the way professional sport is operated these days. The average fan makes middle class wages and we root on mult-millionaire athletes who play a game for a living. Personally, I think it's sick.

However, regardless of all that, who participates in fantasy football?

I always end up doing it because my bro is the comish and talks me into it. I'm kicking butt this year because I've had four starting RB's all go down to injury in either the 1st quarter or early 2nd! Mcfadden, Bradshaw, Wells and now K. Smith on turkey day! Now THAT is how you spend $20

I always do a couple of the yahoo public leagues. Good free fun. Both of my teams are very heavily populated with Green Bay players so I’m doing pretty good but got killed on their bye week.

I got killed because we did a 3 RB limit this year and ALL of my RB's got injured about the same time. Both of my starters one game were literally knocked out of the game either the first quarter or early in the second. I held on to Mcfadden and Bradshaw all this time and just finally dropped Bradshaw for Kevin Smith tonight and look what happened - K. Smith got knocked out early in the second quarter! It must be a curse!

This is a 14 team league with a $20 buy-in and all participants are coworkers. It's pretty tough to manage a team with a 3 RB limit in a 14 team league when ALL of them get hurt! haha