Anybody have some extra 4B xpg2 emitters ? WTB

Curious if anyone was smart enough to grab handfuls of Rics cnqalitygoods xpg 2 4B emitters while they were cheap ?

If you have a few to spare I'd like to have some ..feel free to pm me and maybe we can make a deal .

Are they that good? I have not tried one yet.

Ive got 6 emitters, but I have planned to put them all in a light (along with something extra ^^). Sorry I don't have any spares.

I think 4c or 4d is probably better .. I used to use the 4B xpg's from kai domain for a lot of early mods and a few fenix lights used the xpg4B's as well . I like it better than the 3c which can be green. The 4B's probably seem a tiny bit green if you put them up against a 219A but still a nice tint .I figured someone would have bought a bunch .