anybody have this HID light?

how long is the throw on of these, how long is the runtime?

nvm, i read the description it says 1500m and 90 minutes… is that legit?

any other thoughts on this light?

I have this HID flashlight yep. Here.

The throw I think has been documented at around 300k lux (not much for an 85W HID, because the head is so friggin small).
The runtimes are indeed 90 minutes even on a 7800mAh battery.
Lumen output is also around 4500 lumens.

It’s a pretty good light… for outdoors only and definitely only for rural areas where you don’t have to be conscious of where you’re pointing it.

300kcd? Wow!

Woops, I meant 250k cd, don’t know why I typed 300k. It’s hard to measure HIDs though because they usually have a really small spot of insane intensity, like for this light that small spot is around 350k, but it’s so small it doesn’t really count.

sweet, thanks

They are simply hard to carry around. From all my lights this one was the closet queen…… Thanks to the aluminum case that kept the dust away…… It had good throw and color redemption with the 4300k bulb, but had to exchange several batteries to get one that was really functioning. Themain thing is getting the bulb well centered !!!

I find the 85W too big to hold.
I had picked up the Xeccon 35W off of eBay a couple of weeks ago due to its small form factor.

Here is a review from Candlepowerforums:

I got the silver body but the exact same specs. Color temp is 6,000k. It throws well considering it does not have the right reflector to take advantage of all the light.
I think the light is awesome but I wish the reflector were different. If anyone knows where a modded reflector can be bought it would be awesome.