Anybody heard of Nanolight?

NanoLight? big claims haven’t done the numbers but what do you guys think of this?


kickstarter website:

Bull**it. That’s all

They claim they have managed to make it so efficient that they could eliminate the heatsink. This saved cost and allowed them to purchase the most energy efficient LED bulbs.

I don’t see how either of those could be true, the LEDs shown look like those generic cheap chinese ones that max out at around 80lm/w.

The LEDs look like the ones from Edison.. heatsink could be possible, if there are only 12W involved, its enough. Seems to be covered in aluminium, the PCBs also wick away some heat and there is enough free space for air to circulate. I think its plausible, except for the lm/W rating which seems a bit unrealistic..

Good call on the Edison LEDs, those claim up to 135lm/w at 350ma in cool white too. It looks like 27 LEDs so assuming around 3v vf we could be looking at 100 to 150ma drive current and very high efficiency.

Then it starts to look a bit more plausible.

I don’t understand why they offer it in black though, in a lamp fitting that would soak up a lot of the reflected light.

When asked about how to manage heat this was said.

Inbox / NanoLight - The world's most energy efficient lightbulb!

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    Sunday Jan 20, 7:29pm EST

    Hi Scaru,

    Unlike other bulbs on the market, our bulbs do not have a lot of heat coming out of it. If you see in the video, we are able to touch the NanoLight even after hours of use and the bulb will not be hot.

    There is no need for a heat sink in our bulb. You should try one out :)

    The NanoLight Team
    Gimmy Chu

Cree has announced that it has surpassed the 200lm/W mark in the lab, and keep in mind that the XM-L2s are around 186lm/W @350mA.

If you take into account driver inefficiency of around 85%, thermal sag, etc. the 133lm/W could be entirely possible.

Well, some people want them white, some want them black.. its all a matter of taste. :D

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12W of heat!

Well no, if it approaches 50% efficiency for example then 6 watts of that heat would be radiated from the bulb in the form of light.

Its no way near that efficient. PilotPTK says in his company they calculate with a 100% conversion into energy because its easier.

Just think of it that way: regular light bulbs transform 1% of the energy into light. Even if LEDs were 10 times more efficient, that would still be 90% of heat.

Its just that 12W of heat is not much. P60 hosts handle that and that light bulb has way more surface area.

I was under the impression that the maximum luminous efficacy of 251 lm/w for a white light source was by definition 100% energy conversion to light. That would put 130 lm/w (if that rating is accurate) at just over 50% efficacy.

Efficiency is technically a different matter as it takes into account the spectral response bias of our eyes, but I thought that efficacy was the value we should use to determine amount of energy converted to light?

Have I made a mistake in there somewhere?

IIRC the maximum is around 350lm/w. I'm not good with all that technical stuff, maybe we should ask PilotPTK to comment on that. :D

But I'm sure that the Nanolight still produces about 10W of heat.

Really? XM-L at 3A for 30+ min in P60 host? >)

Of course they will get hot, but not too hot to stop working or melting down something.^^

But this light has a lot more surface area, remember that its hollow on the inside and has venting holes. I cant do the exact math, but I'm sure that it would work.

Not burning your hand means.. up to 35° degrees. They didnt say it would run cool.

70 CRI. Bleh.