Anybody Into Photography?

Just got a Nikon FM2 with the Nikkor 55mm Micro lense. Lets say I got a good deal!

Who knows about this rig?

I’ve had an FM2 since the 80’s - now it sits in a display cabinet with its 50mm f1.4 mounted.

Beautiful old camera, although worthless nowadays. I do the same with my old film camera’s, keep them on display

Hi there. The FM2 was my first Nikon, way back in ’87. Basically all-manual camera, able to operate without batteries (except no metering).
Good one, the FM2. Good basic camera, very little to go wrong.
If the 55 micro you bought is the f2.8 version (I have the older f3.5 one), look out for oily residue on the aperture blades.
It’s a common trait for the 2.8 (hey… it rhymes :smiley: )
Have fun is all I can say…

Canon guy here :stuck_out_tongue: so I know nothing about Nikon.
Actually, I know very little beyond DSLRs. I started on a film SLR, but was lucky to get five ‘keeper’ shots per roll. Digital saved me (and many others I’d guess) from a lot of waste.

i’ve had some use on a nikon d80 and d300 not mine :frowning: but i agree that digital is the way to go, film doesn’t sound expensive, but given enough shots the price can slowly surpass digital, plus you get to see instantly your results so you can compose a better shot vs film when the moment is long gone.

Howdy: I know a little about the Magical Art of photography. With the FM2, I presume you shoot film. BTW Great camera, and MARVELOUS lens!!

Just last Saturday, I was shooting the visit of a B-17 to our local airport. A fellow was shooting an FM2, which looked to be in Mint condition.( Ooo, ENVY! J) ) I used my FM with 50mm F/1.8 for years, tillI I replaced it with a 6006, then replaced that with a D50, which uses my older lenses very well, as does my present camera.

In the “old days”, every now and again, someone who alleged himself to be a photog would come up, stroking his pencil mustache with an index fineger, and say; ” And how many rolls a month do you shoot? I told them the same thing I tell my buddy, the Canon shoter, when we go to the race track, and he shoots ~2000 images in the A.M., and does a like number in the afternoon; “If you’re good, you don’t need a lot!” Me, I shoot maybe 250 the whole day. 8) I don’t have nearly the processing problems he does!

Crap, I'm glad I read a couple posts before responding.

I thought it said, Pornography

have.My 55mm f2.8 micro lens is hooked up to a pk-3 extension tube most of the time.Recently added a sort of affordable 85mm f3.5 DX micro lens to the stable.Click away!!

Natural mistake! :bigsmile:

I dabble in both video and still cameras, though I’ve never had the money for something nice. I still have a Canon Rebel G that I shoot 35mm from time to time, when someone gives me an odd roll. I have the negs developed and then I scan them and work photoshop magic with them. I have a Canon GL1, that I use to shoot movies for friends and family, and then edit them and put music to them. Right now I use my tiny point and shoot Sony DCS-W330 to do youtube reviews and take shots of stuff. I think I paid $30 for the camera on clearance.

I actually went to college for film and video production and took some advanced black and white photography classes in art school, right when digital was in it’s consumer infancy (around 2000 or so). So while I’ve never had much in the way of great gear, I fully understand photography and videography, and work with better gear when I do video recording and editing for corporate clients and shoot the occasional wedding video on a Canon 5D for a company I freelance with.

Also am I the only one who picks up old polaroids at thift stores in the slim chance you find some usable film in one?

Anyway I have a flick account with a ton of stuff on it.

Anyone else have a Flickr account?

You mean a Canon 5D MkII. The original 5D didn’t shoot video very well :wink:

30 years ago I sold cameras. I still have a Nikkormat FTn made in 1969 and in better than stock condition. It was rebuilt by a guy who made precision lab instruments for a living. It's not had film in it since my brother's wedding 8-9 years ago. Getting film processed is now horribly expensive here.

And a 1979 Nikon F2s - that thing is nearly indestructible - it has fallen out of an aircraft, been dropped off the back of a motorcycle at 75mph and all sorts of other mishaps - it could hardly be said to be pristine now. Though it was when I got it. Again it hasn't had film in it in years. The optics still see use on my Nikon D5000 though are totally manual on that and I have the bad habit of forgetting to focus on occasions. In the loft I have a Leica IIIc made in 1932, a couple of Minoxes and a few Minolta 16mm cameras that I got for next to nothing because I liked them rather than devices I ever intended to use. And probably other cameras too.

Not that I take so many pictures these days.

Am I the only one here who never shot film? :frowning:
(perhaps it has something to do with being born after invention of first DSLR)

But uhm… Nikon D5100 here.
For lenses - 50mm f/1.8 is the one I use and love the most, 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 VR is what I use only when I require wide angle, and 55-200mm f/4-4.5 VR for when I need that long reach.
But the 18-55 and 55-200 combined get much less use than 50mm f/1.8. For some reason…

i have a nikon d300 (and a d1H), with lots of lenses from 8mm fisheye to 400mm tele.
haven’t used it much last year, due to lack of motivation.
i started out digital (D50 -> D80 -> D300) so i haven’t shot film.

i also have a 55/2,8 micro-nikkor, it’s a nice lens!

i’m thinking about buying a mirrorless camera with a pancake lens, and start taking “social snapshots” again. i’ve been looking for a panasonic gf3 with the 14/2,5 pancake, since they can be had for quite cheap.

Get Nikon mirrorless, for example the J3. They are the only ones that have great autofocus, and lens selection is nice too :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought a new d3200 a week ago. Before that I used a d50. I really was going to get a Canon t4i this time but couldn’t justify the extra cost for the touch screen and video focus advantage of the STM lenses. Not only that but the 3200 is an awesome. Next purchase will be most likely a 50mm lens.

Nah, I’d like a bigger sensor, or at least a faster pancake lens. I have been looking at the J1 + 10/2,8 since they were on sale, but I’d like a bigger sensor and more lenses. Actually I’d like either a Samsung with their 30/2 pancake lens, or a Panasonic 20/1,7 pancake lens with a small body. But both lenses seem to be a bit pricier than I’m willing to pay now. So a panasonic gf3 + 14/2,5 seem to be the smallest package with best value here in Sweden right now.

You are correct Mr. Smarty Pants.

I don’t know what you will use the 50 mm for, but take a look at the 35/1,8 as well if you want something for indoors available light pictures. The 50 mm indoors is too long for me at least. For smaller concerts 50mm is very useful though.