Anybody Know About This Light ?

What the title says?

Been looking at this Sky Ray light. uses 2 18650 with 5 mode XML

A damned fine looking light to me ,and the accompanying beam shots look good. Problem is that the product description is rather vague. I have been trying to find this light on other sites with no success.

Share your thoughts , opinions. Please !

Good looking light, IMHO. I really like the "pineapple" knurling on the handle.

Beamshots look impressive. Just wished it had information on the driver.


Fandy Fire 3900 @ DX and Uniquefire 3900 @ Alibaba

2.8 amp current output

I have the Uniquefire 3900 version. My first 'expensive' and first multi-cell light. It is a real beauty but has some design flaws, most notably the floating pill and pretty crappy heat sinking. Puts out a wall of light though and is really a beautiful light. Reviewed here by 2100:

I added my impressions here, along with heat sink fix:

I think 2100 and I are just a few of the fans of this light. Visually, it is one of my favorite lights - very elegant looks. Guaranteed to wow a non-flashaholic.