Anybody know any good 13mm drivers for 2 x AAA

I am modding a Smiling Shark SS-5049.
I am using a xp-g2 on a custom copper pill and a TIR optic
I have modded a few 1 x AAA lights with a 13mm driver.
Threw one in the light using the 2 x AAA and yes it works but is not enjoying it.
Gets quite hot and stops switching modes when hot. After about 15 seconds.

To the question. Does anybody have any ideas for a suitable 3v 2 x AAA driver that is 13mm.
I thought about using an old SK-68 driver reworked dead bug style but that is alot of messing around.

Or do i just stick in a mt-g2 with zener fet driver and 2 x 10440. >)