Anybody try one of these 'bicycle lights'

seems to be a clone of this one

I say this based on the price

never tried one but the design looks great and the price is also excellent, i hope fasttech sells them in future at similar pricing

I’m not sure that it swivels.

What’s the deal with fastech anyways?

You’ll get many different answers to that.
I have had good service from them and they are good at pricing (on knives) just enough cheaper to keep me buying, I think that goes for other items as well.
At the moment they are on New Year Break - Year of the Horse and will continue to sell after the celebrations. They don’t always get it right but a lot of the blame is on the postal services that they use.

I’ve only bought from 3 chinese websites, (until recently two) and they seem to get new stuff in regularly, have decent quality stuff (usually), sell genuine cells and used to be very good at dealing with problems or not have any in the first place. Unfortunately they are not as good as they used to be which really sucks

you are right, it appears to be a clone. I saw this because the one you show has the ultrafire stamp in a different location. I’d feel confident buying the clone if there were some reviews around…. Guess that’s why I asked.

Have been looking at that light myself, saw it cheaper from a Chinese vendor on Ebay for $12.66 but that auction has ended. The battery and probably the charger are crap.

Nice, would like one. Shipping to Germany is too high though. I too hope for other vendors.

Hmm . . . interesting. So what modes does it have? Sounds like it has the Ultrafire "stepless dimming" control like the UF-H3 headlamp. PWM expected to be pretty bad which I hear wouldn't be very good for a bike.


Why is that?

The 1800lm claim is of course a joke, as will be the battery. No clue about the charger but it’s suspect by the company it’s keeping.

Well my thought (remembrance) was that these "infinitely variable" UltraFire drivers had bad PWM. I just did a search and quickly confirmed PWM was bad on the UF-H3 (I assume the UF-H2 too), but "fast and unobtrusive" on the UF-T50. I own the UF-H3, and I've never noticed the PWM (I'm not easily susceptible to it), but I've never used it on a bike either (it's really not appropriate for bike use).

Perhaps (hopefully) I am wrong and the PWM is high enough not to be an issue.


I prefer a two fish mount with a Convoy m1 or s2 on my helmet. I’ve never looked liked the way these type of head mount lights fit on my helmet

If anyone gets one of these, recycle the battery. Its the infamous ultra-garbage BRC mini bomb. :Sp

Those batteries explode?

Thanks for the helmet mounting tips link. Really I’d like to have a light on the helmet and the bike itself.

You need to read up on the reputation of blankity-blank-fire batteries.

You can use the same mount for your handlebars

Kinda getting off the subject here but are there any great deals out there right now in the low end flashlight segment. Something that takes AA maybe?