Anybody up to camcorder tech?

Anybody up to Camcorder tech? I use to love doing this and DSLR in the early 2000s. But never got back into it. I just gotten myself some flashlights and planning a camping trip. Just wondering if there’s any people here who are into it too?

ATM I’m looking at 2 cameras. Panasonic HDC-SD600k and Sony CX-210.

I really like the zoom feature As it’s almost as good as my old panasonic from 2002 with 15x optical zoom and 2x digital. Sony doesn’t really make much hi-tech features on items nowadays like they did in the past but their mainstream stuff is pretty good for the casual user. I think the camcorder I quoted doesnt’ do full 1080p/60 but interlaced 30?

Sample video of the zoom really bought me.

pardon the wind noise and please feel free to recommend other camcorders or rebuttals.

Most digicams these days offer HD video, and much better stills quality.

Unless you’re only into video editing, just get a normal camera with good video quality (panasonic is good). Mirrorless “SLR”s like the sony nex and some 4/3 cameras offer MUCH better low light video than camcorders at a moderate price, ~500.

IMO, consumer camcorders are going the way of the dodo, and the ones I see surviving are the prosumer $1k ones (which are basically mirrorless slrs with video-specific profile) that can do near-pro level stuff for an accessible price.