Anybody using a vertical mouse? (Ergonomic mouse for pc)

Today I started having a little pain in my wrist. And I can imagine this to be something related to me sitting behind my computer the whole day.

So, I just ordered a cheap vertical mouse....

Anybody else using a vertical mouse?

What's your experience?

I use the Evoluent VerticalMouse4 Right both at home and at work. For me it definitely makes a huge difference. When I go back to using a normal mouse I start to notice discomfort very quickly. Your mileage may vary depending on the source of your discomfort.

In my experience vertical mice rely on their vertical design for sales and cut corners on quality. The software is dogshit and the materials feel cheap like a $15 mouse. I think a gaming mouse for the same price would outstrip basically any vertical mouse in terms of quality and features. And I don’t just mean a better outer shell I’m sure they have better sensors and switches too.

Also, vertical mice not good for gaming. I think something about the design hampers wrist aim and transfers some of that job to the shoulder which makes for less precise aim. I am reasonably decent with it after a lot of practice but tracking enemies is still a struggle.

I tried to get into the cheaper Anker vertical mouse but it was DOA and I missed the return window. I was so disgusted I decided not to buy another. I would like to point out that some mice are more vertical than others and the angle you hold your hand at is probably the most important aspect of the mouse design. I haven’t researched budget options lately. It’s possible that there is no reason to buy the one I bought anymore for all that I know. (Although the latest model does come in multiple sizes for different sized hands.)

At the moment I use a Trackman. To be precise, a Logitech TrackMan Marble+ T-CL13.

Way back I got myself one of the first mice, also from Logitech. That was a disaster. I got a serious case of Mouse Arm Syndrome, and it got from bad to worse. Then I heard of the TrackMan, where your forearm can relax and does not have to move. The only part you really have to move is the thumb (controlling the trackball). Left and right mouse click are operated by forefinger and ringfinger. The middlefinger rests on the scrollwheel.

Using the trackball, the pain gradually disappeared, until introduction of the touchpad. And now I’m using my trusted vintage Trackman again.

Cool, yeah, I just ordered a cheap vertical mouse... and I'm not using it for gaming. It's just 'general' office work stuff..

I don't need any fancy options, but I do like the extra forward and backward switches.

I saw some of those ones Henk4u2, but I wanted to try a vertical one since that was recommended by a friend recently who bought a whole kit for the same wrist/mouse problems.

“Fancy options” in software can be really good for productivity. Some gaming mice allow you to have different profiles for your mouse that have totally different sets of macros and binds. So for example, you could have one profile for word processing and another for spreadsheets.

Anyway, one vertical mouse is not necessarily as good as another ergonomically. I wouldn’t go buy a $15 vertical mouse and expect it to be terribly well made or ergonomic. I wouldn’t even necessarily expect it to be on par with a cheap normal mouse. Good luck though, maybe you’ll get lucky and it will happen to fit your hand like a glove.

I’ve used one in the past, same reason, wrist pain, it did make it a bit better but mouse use was only a contributor, not the main reason, holding the tablet and e-book reader in the hand was. So I changed my habits and made holders for those. The pain gradually reduced and disappeared in about 2 month, I kept using the vertical mouse to help the recovery during that time.
Afterwards I took back the normal mouse because I could never get fully used to the vertical one, I was slower and less precise with it. The pain never came back, confirming that ( intensive) mouse use wasn’t a big problem.

Well, we'll see how it goes.. should arrive tomorrow...

I personally got this one:

Yeah, I will definitely give it a try. Like you said, I didn't want to buy a € 100 one just to realize I don't like using it :D

Highly recommend the Logitech MX Ergo Trackball.

I would never go back to using any type of standard pointing mouse in a million years, including vertical mice which I have tried.

Plus it has a feature where the mouse can be shared by two different computers at the same time and the cursor can fluidly go between monitors.

It arrived a day later, but I've been using it this afternoon. Still need to get used to it.. but so far not too bad.