Anyone got a zanflare T1 lantern?

So far mine have been working great, although the tail caps do run hot. Not happy with that.

I am at day 8 of camping with my three T1s. One is used at adults tent for a few hours on min and a couple on ~medium. One is used at kids tent on min for a few hours and on red for the whole night. The third is being used outside for upto 6 hours in a day, med to high. I use warm color for 90% of the time with the provided batteries, charged once daily, each morning on a charger. I am a big fan of two memorized brightness modes… I leave T1 on lowest, cold white, when I am out and when I want to get something from the tent, I tap once for warm white at the level I left it. I miss a second touch-off switch, the one on the bottom is a little annoying to use and battery cap threads is a joke, really. Also, none of mine got hot on the battery cap.

Do I like them? Hell yes! Am I going to order two more? Absolutely! Do you need one? No, you need three.

Many LEDs means less current per LED and a more uniform beam. It’s good they’d choose this amount of LEDs, that’s how it become so demanded :wink:
Hopefully the LEDs last so long they don’t need to be replaced in years.
And for 90+ CRI you still can get the BLF lantern.

BLF lantern is not quite the same size class…

Hmmm…. i read of a lot of problems here…
The idea i like, but i think it’s too complex for the price.
All kinds of faillures seem to occur…

I.m.h.o. they should have made it with just 2500 to 3000K high CRI LEDs.
The touch sensor and brihtness ramping seem like a good idea, when it works properly and reliably…

It makes a nice and homogenous light with many tiny LEDs.
I think these are 0.2 Watt LEDs
0.2 × 30 = 6.0 Watts, should be capable of some 600 lumen, maybe 450 for warm white high CRI.
I guess they chose to run them low for better efficiency and thus less heat, so they can get away with a plastic exterior.

discovered a possibly dangerous flaw & fire/explosion hazard with this T1 lantern. ( read post #11 >> DBSAR Lantern Mini-Review: -Zanflare T1 (UPDATE: Second T1 failed! - #11 by DBSAR

Best Lantern on the market it beats them all this light is amazing everyone I show it to is sold I’ve bought like 20 of them and everyone wants more I have other lanterns a huge collection over the years and there all junk compared to the Zanflare T1 I been waiting to order more but BG still has not got them back in stock they had some a few weeks back and sold out before I got home from work I hope they get more I need about 20 to 30 more of them

The T1 has its issues.

I would wait until the new and improved version comes out.

It should be even better.

Agreed. I purchased two of these when they first came out. At first, I loved them. Then I noticed the tail cap on the battery tube was way too hot for my liking. After about 20 minutes I was reading around 60 degrees C on both. I’m sure the battery tube itself was hotter. I cleaned both the positive and negative ends with 99.9% Isorpopanol Alcohol. Didin’t help. Needless to say, I no longer use, or recommend these.

What do you do with all of them?

Everybody I show them to wants a couple of them so they keep buying all mine when you can easily spend 50 to a 150 on Coleman or any of the others this light is 15 bucks if you get a summer out of it you can buy another next year and with all the features and how small it is there’s no other lantern on the market even in its class

I agree with Screwball…… I got 3 back when they first came out(July?), left them on high CW for a long time at first just to test for heat issues but never had a problem with any of them. I now leave them on 24/7 on low/WW. They are all working fine and I have Really enjoyed them. Its strange that some are reporting overheating but since it isnt happening with all of them I dont see how it would be a design problem unless they changed design mid-stream. Appears a few were simply duds.

Ha! :laughing:

^ Action figures sold separately.

I’ve been selling them all Trying to keep some for myself but every time I pull one out I sell another one

And I haven’t had any issues with any of them I live in Pennsylvania may be a Florida or the southern states that get super hot maybe they do warm up But i haven’t had any problems or anyone that’s bought them the only problem is buying them now BG sells out in hours when they restock

Well I’ve been through 40 some already and never had any problems and know one has said they have had any problems either I go camping every week end take like ten with me and sell them right around the fire pit

And I can’t wait for the new model 21700 or two 18650 or the 26650 id like longer run time but me personally I haven’t got into the 21700 Battery yet but any bigger battery longer run time would be great for how small the light is as long as they keep it as a removable battery because I like to be able to Inner change the battery myself because I have some many on me I don’t have to wait to recharge

Just reading back through the threads and what does anyone expect it’s 15 bucks this light is beyond all expectations you could throw it away and buy a new one every year and still take 4 to 8 years before you spend the money on all those bulky expensive lanterns

Just a thought Screwball …… I would be wary of selling these to ‘just anyone’ around your campfire without additional info. Its possible they wont know much about Li-ion safety or what ‘could happen’ if they dont use common sense and are aware of the consequences of not following a few guidelines. I would point them to this(and the other Z1) thread and maybe prompt them to read Lithium-ion battery safety 101 Lithium-ion battery safety 101. They should understand that some have reported problems and be aware of that so they can monitor their lantern(in case it is a ‘dud’) …… it would be a tragedy if there was a problem and it caused a tent fire in the middle of the night simply because they lacked the info.