Anyone got a zanflare T1 lantern?

Single 18650, adjustable colour temp, ramping brightness, red LED setting.

Does anyone have one of these yet? Seems to be the sort of thing that would generate some hype here. Only ‘review’ I can find is a slightly shilly Reddit post.

no picture either?

I ordered one.

Here are some pictures

is the battery compartment is aluminum?
because some similiar model is made from plastic

To be honest, I have no idea. For 20 bucks (USD) delivered, I’m willing to be a test dummy.

Edit: I’d be willing to bet it’s mostly plastic. Not a bad thing for this type of light.

can’t wait until you make a review of it :wink:

I ordered one of these after seeing the shill reddit post lol. Let’s see how it turns out.

I ordered a zanflare lantern a week or so ago. Gearbest had them on sale for 17 bucks. Was supposed to have shipped USA priority air with tracking, but par for gearbest, they took my money I paid extra for priority, shipped it via some obscure shipping company with no tracking. Who knows when it will arrive. Last time they did that to me, it took 8 weeks.

I ordered one before I posted because for the price I’m willing to roll the dice and see what arrives, I was just curious if others had ordered it.

I suspect that the only one in the wild right now is that shill post on Reddit.

Bizarrely, when I checked the “my orders” page on gearbest there was a “Send sooner” button. Why would I want it to be sent slower you eejits?!

Any review on this?

Only one I’ve seen so far is this super shilly one on Reddit:

Has anyone else who’s ordered one even received a shipped notification?

I ordered a Zanflare lantern 9 days ago. Fast forward to today: this morning I received an update that my order was “shipped out”.
So I guess in another 4 weeks a package will arrive at my home.
Hopefully the package won’t be hold in customs because of the 18650 that is shipped with it.

This is interesting.

Wonder does it remember the last temp. used, sort of like a memory mode.

I ordered mine on the 26th. It shipped today the 29th.

Got the lantern in. I have to say this a really cool lantern. About the size of the Fenix CL25R, and made out of similar hard plastic. Not cheap plastic at all. Comes with a 2600mAh unprotected flat top. Does this mean the lantern has LVP?, Don’t know. I tried a protected NCR-GA in it, and it’s too tight lengthwise. The cell it comes with, may be some junk cell, don’t know yet. I just re-wrapped it and charging it now.

Has 3 modes of operation, plus a red light 4th which is operated by a push button on the bottom.

The silver button at the top is a touch sensor.

Fairly nice machined battery tube. Cap has a magnet. Button is for the red light function, and the micro USB port.

The modes is where it gets ingenious. Will try my best to explain how it works.

One tap of the sensor turns the light on. Hold the button for up and down ramping brightness, just like the Q8 works.

There are 3 modes.

  1. is cool blue light mode with brightness ramping
  2. is a selected color temp mode that ramps up and down
  3. is the color temp mode that ramps from cool blue to 2500k incandescent. (You select this color temp for use in mode 2)

The 4th mode is the red light button at the button, which also shuts the light off. 1 press, turns red on, one more press is flashing red, one more is light off.

So basically you start off by double tapping the sensor. This gets you into color temp mode. You ramp it to the desired temp, then tap the sensor and it puts you into mode 2 where your selected temp brightness can now be ramped up and down.

Clear as mud, right?

Personally, they should have skipped the cool blue mode altogether, since you can select cool blue if you wanted to.

It remembers the temp you select until you remove the battery, then it clears everything and you start over. But with usb charging, you shouldn’t have to remove the battery.

What is the charging current?

Current GB price is $23 + shipping, so not that great, but it looks like a nice little light.

Don’t know, and don’t really care. Would have all day to charge it.

I got mine using this coupon. 16.88. Give it a try might still work

It doesn’t. I already checked.

RobertB thanks for sharing your first impression. Most important point for improvement seems to be the UI so far; and starting in warm white as default instead of cold white.

Good to see some serious new competition in the domain of lanterns, especially the combination of good build quality, small size, low-weight, warm white LED, 18650 cell, lack of PWM.

darn, thats too bad. There will be another deal for it soon enough I’m sure