Anyone got a zanflare T1 lantern?

It has memory, so it will start in warm white. It starts where ever you last left it. But even when you change the battery, all it takes is a tap of the finger to get to warm white. The UI is fine.

I’m discharging a battery right now, and will test LVP

Try ‘zanflareT1’…

Yes, that works. Knocks 6 dollars off. you have to type in the code exactly like that, lower case zanflare, capitol T, and 1


Hows the light ouput and battery life? Is a light with a diffuser better than this?

Robert, now I’m really excited about getting mine. How long did it take for you to get yours?

Ordered it on May 8th. So close to 3 weeks. I paid for US Air mail with tracking, never got a tracking number that worked, but it did show up on time.

Thanks man. I did the normal shipping without tracking.

Looks like low voltage protection shuts the light down right at 3v. I would say, get a 3500mAh NCR18650GA, LG MJ1, or Samsung 35E unprotected flat top and call it a day.

Thanks for checking this. I will probably grab a 35E cell for it.

Still waiting on mine, at least it’s showing as shipped.

Relieved it gets BLF users approval, thanks to RobertB for the photos!

Mine can today. I love it! It’s tiny and bright! Build quality is great too. I’ll take pictures later.

Awesome! Mine is arriving on Sat. It looks like it’ll get here faster than the 18650 cells I ordered from IMRbatteries. Ugh!

I hate to rub it in but my Samsung 30Q batteries also came today from LiIonwholesale. Took only 2 days to get them.

BTW, I’m using a Panasonic/Sanyo NCR18650GA in my new lantern.

That is my plan as well.

I don’t trust the included unknown battery.

Size comparison. BTW, this little lantern blows away my 300 lumen lantern

The tailcap for the lantern on the right is such a pita.

Yep. Discharge and dump. Sanyo GA I’ll be using. I think I’ll love the warm white output of this one.

Hell yea. Have to lined it up to close it.