Anyone got an ON THE ROAD M4 Mini?

If so, can you clarify the UI.

I’m thinking of getting one, I like almost everything about it. But I have a huge concern over the UI.

Does it have mode memory? If so, can it be turned off?

For such a light, I need to guarantee that I can activate it in Moonlight or low mode. And run no risk of it turning on in either Med or High.

This is the UI guide from the listing.{"sku_id"%3A"12000025672280305"}&pdp_npi=2%40dis!EUR!43.37!43.37!!!!!%402101e9d516654225404855522e7c4f!12000025672280305!sea&curPageLogUid=EdOPaxI5uQpA

But elsewhere it mentions memory, but the English is a bit hard to follow. If it uses memory than can’t be turned off or has no way to get into moonlight from off. I won’t be buying it. Thanks.

According to the below review, it does have mode memory.

Many thanks. Sadly it looks that’ll have to be a no.

You could use their “gear lock” feature…it’s quite handy and I don’t recall seeing it on any other light. The long press for on/off is a deal killer for many people. I have the U16 or whatever the fat one is but they’re pretty much the same firmware other than the one I have is the only one where they added a temperature sensor (the rest are timed stepdown).

2023 line up.

Doesn’t show the M4 Mini which is what this thread is about.

Freeme is that all they will be offering? I know they have had a very difficult time sourcing components, maybe more than other manufacturers. I hope they will still be offering many of their longtime models.

I haven't been following their lights for quite sometime. Almost all flashlight manufacturers have slowed or scaled down their product line for this year, so i am not surprised that OTR would face the same issues too.

They have plans for 2023, so they are definitely not giving up yet.