Anyone got the K68 (motion sensing headlight)?

Sofirn newer outsourced light (Barry selected products)(link in pic):

It piqued my curiosity - 7 modes all controlled via motion IR. Quite a challenge to get that right.

So when you withdraw your hand/finger the headlight turns off? And do you wave multiple times for the light levels?
I presume high CCT as with all Sofirn’s (and other cheap Chinum) lights - gouge my eyes!

So many things to go wrong…

No, the IR motion sensor is not as useless as the webstore quote in the OP suggests.

Just received 2 specimen. They came without any documentation to speak of.

The light has a battery indicator (four green LEDs), which is lit unless the light is off; next to it there is an IR motion sensor indicator (one red LED).

Here’s what I figured out so far about this model’s UI, as canonical as I can manage:

  1. From off, 1-7 slow clicks select a normal mode, as shown in the image in the OP.
  2. In any normal mode, shortly after arrival, absent further clicks: mode settles, i.e. subsequent clicks don’t advance the mode any further.
  3. From any normal or blinky mode with disabled motion sensor, a double-click cycles through 3 main-LED blinky modes (strobe, SOS, flash at about every 3 seconds).
  4. From any normal (settled or not) or blinky mode with disabled motion sensor: press-and-hold enables the motion sensor and selects suspended mode (front LEDs off, battery and motion sensor indicator on).
  5. From suspended mode (i.e. with enabled motion sensor): moving something accross the motion sensor re-selects the mode before suspension, with enabled motion sensor (front LEDs on, motion sensor indicator on).
  6. From any normal or blinky mode with enabled motion sensor: moving something accross the motion sensor selects suspended mode with enabled motion sensor (as above).
  7. From enabled motion sensor modes (normal, blinky or suspended), press-and-hold disables the motion sensor and, if suspended, re-selects the mode before suspension (front LEDs on, motion sensor disabled and indicator off).
  8. From normal mode (once settled). blinky mode or suspended mode, click turns off.

Or close to that.

By kneading the switch randomly, I forced the light in to a state in which it cycled through multiple modes by itself, so I assume it can be reprogrammed in some way. If anyone knows, I’d be curious.

My overall first impression: up to its purpose (as suggested by its features… if I use it often enough to remember the UI) and a good bargain for the 13 US$ each or so I paid including battery. But on one of the two, the switch needs an unseemly amount of pressure.

When using lights in confined spaces, remember to disable motion sensors. Otherwise the beam you’re about to hit may literally turn your lights off.

i have its earlier version, IR switch is pretty useless in most cases, it gets triggered by anything that is close, i walk thru the woods, and it comes on and off, as ir light reflects of branches that are close, and triggers the switch. when i wave my hand in front of it to shut it off, the light reflects of my hand and blinds me. at least i can turn that ir feature off. good idea, but it needs some more work to make it practical