Anyone has experiences about Klarus and Xtar 16340?

Hi, guys.

I’m going to buy 16340 battery and I’m interested in Xtar 16340 650 mAH and Klarus 16340 700 mAH(red wrap).

Anyone has experience using them? How’s their capacity and discharge current or whatever?

Hey mate I have the klarus 700mah cell it’s okay capacity is close to rated. If you discharge at a very low current. Total Discharge rate is lower then an IMR cell. It does still do about 3amps I would say. About average. It can run the XT1C at 780 lumens which would be about 2.5amps. Heaps of other options out there for 16340 batteries.

@everydaysurvivalgear, Thanks.

That’s better than I though. At first, I read klarus’s package, it made me understand that the protection will active when current is >2A.

O.K. I bought it.

Charging with 300mAh current. It has 710 mAh. :wink:

It has high IR and a bit too long, though.