Anyone have any exotic pets?

All the way from South-America to me:
I have 7 guinea pigs :smiley:

Time to revive this topic. After the passing of my Rudy German Shpherd almost 3 years ago, ( and divorcing with my wife) i am possibly adopting a new dog. (er, more like a wolf) meet “Kain”

This guy is very gentle, house trained, great & friendly with children, pet cats, rabbits, other big and small dogs, can not bark, never growls, but only howls at 3:00 AM at train horns & frogs.

That's a good looking wolf!

We don't have any exotic pets, but we call our regular pets somewhat exotic names.

My dog is a Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

He's close to the ground and will overeat if given the chance, so we call him a groundhog.

My mom's cat kinda looks like a raccoon, so we call him that.

Here in Canada the only two exotic ( or banned) animals are Pit bulls, and Killer Whales. ( no, your not allowed to have a Orca as a pet here in Canada) for everything else, if you have pass the qualifications and get the proper paperwork, you can have everything from an Wolly Mammoth to a Amoeba.

Darn… no Killer Whales!! That ruins it…. :frowning: …. :smiley:

That’s correct, You can own a Tiger, but not a Pit bull or a killer Whale… > In Ontario you can legally own a Tiger, but not a Pitbull.

I have heard many horror stories about pit bulls, and my mom's dog was killed by one.

So there's no love lost on that dog family from me.

Very interesting reading DBSAR, thank you for sharing that. :+1:

Sorry for derailing a bit but maybe an interesting fun fact, though:

In Alabama, USA it is illegal for a driver to be blindfolded while driving a vehicle. :-D

Some more weird traffic laws in the US:

Lot of weird laws in Germany too

I totally agree with you. :+1:

Great reading Lux-Perpetua, thanks for the link!! :+1:
Being from the Great State of Alabama, I can attest it is true. :smiley:

Also…. It is illegal to have an ice cream cone in your back pocket.

The 13 most bizarre Alabama laws you’ve probably never heard of.

:person_facepalming: ……. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

We have a Cornish Rex Cat. third one.
Just brought him home from Surgery removing a huge Abscess from his bum.
Also a Half pet Carpet snakeAround 8ft long.
He resides half time in back garden round the pool area.
Comes and goes to suit.
But seems to have taken over our garden.
Oh and a wife in kitchen too. shhhhh.

Alas, I do not have such an animal, but there is only a cat :frowning:
But my sister has a fox! Very interesting animal and very homely :laughing: The main thing is to take a little chanterelle and grow it itself.

It is a old picture. 15 yearss ago a friend had a chance to work in the US for (first he was told 12month). So he had to find someone to keep his Boa save.
But in the end he stayed ~31/2 years there. And his Boa (when i got her she was 30cm long and ~1,5cm in diameter) stayed with me.
After a year i bought a new bigger terrarium. And later i build a 2m² one to give her enough space. When he came home she was ~2,20m and as big as a BLF Q8 head. On the pic she was ~1m. Pic is not as sharp as i woud like but i took it with a older cam through the glass.

Don’t have one (unless you count a dog about the size of a colt), but if intentions count, someday I intend to move to another region and get a Russian silver fox. The shape of a canine with cat firmware, pretty much perfect for my tastes.

This pupper is cuter than the vast majority of pet dog breeds. 100% approved. :+1: