Anyone have any exotic pets?

I think my username/profile pic will speak for me :slight_smile:

They are leopard geckos. And by they I mean 4 of them. Maybe not exotic, but not your cat or dog either.

Anybody have anything strange?

Yes, a wife.

Yes a wife ,I won’t go the r r mine watching me right now ,However I would really like a bonobo

I have t cats 1 British short hair and another a mixed breed of I have no idea what. I really would want a ferret or a quokka or maybe a raccoon :slight_smile:

got a squirrel, 5 cats now, did have 7 cockatiels and a huge Oscar (tropical fish) gave the birds to a friend and the Oscar committed suicide by jumping out of the tank one night while we were asleep.

heres a few of my Ts.

Raccoons are cute, but I hear they make terrible pets:

Aww that sux! but i assumed you owned 1 LOL

Only have cats

Got a white hedgehog

pitbull (rescued, 3rd time) here… they’re banned in certain places so they must be exotic :slight_smile:

i had a pygmy possum (short-tailed opossum?). he was fun. he used to sit in my hoodie, and once in a while crawl out onto my shoulder to see what’s going on. i used to feed him vienna sausages. i would slice them and hand it to him and he ate them like you would eat a hamburger.

i also had two ferrets, who had to be the most exotic animals i’ve ever known. they had such distinct personalities. starsky (the girl) would steal wallets out of purses when i had friends over (typical woman). hutch (her brother) would steal underwear. he would go into the dirty clothes basket steal the dirty underwear and stash them. when i would move the furniture around i would find all the missing matches to my socks and my missing boxers. i put a 2000 page hard cover dictionary on top of the dirty clothes so he would stop doing it. so he proceeded to drag the entire laundry basket across the floor to work on it later.

the two of them used to terrorize gizmo, my poor guinea pig. i would let starsky and hutch run wild while i cleaned the cages. i would take the top off of gizmo’s cage and use a scoop to clean around him. as soon as i would turn my back, one or the other would jump up on the bed, then the night stand and on top of the dresser 3 feet away and into his cage. gizmo would start jumping straight up in the air about 3 feet and squeal his butt off.

I have 3 large macaws, a Greenwing, a Blue & Gold, and a Harlequin (which is a hybrid Macaw). They are all likely to outlive me by a wide margin. They are all ‘rescues’ of some sort .

The thumbnail image by my moniker is the Harlequin.

I have a Crested Gecko about 7 months old, and a California King Snake who is over 4 years old. As you can see from the picture of their enclosures, they are both pretty spoiled.

Gecko’s tank is 18”L x 18”W x 24”H. It’s the X-Large Zoo Med tank. Snake’s tank is a 40 gallon with screen top and sliding glass doors in front, very convenient for taking him out.

Two bats, six cane toads, a couple of arboreal constrictors, an eight inch tarantula, an owl, a few scorpions, a half dozen parots, a family of kiskidees, a bunch of tree frogs, and about 200 dwarf geckos.

I have a big outbuilding and they all come and go as they please.

My friend had an oscar that would eat crickets out of your hand. It was massive! He also committed suicide…


+1 ( yes wives are usually high maintenance pets.

that’s only because raccoons can open cupboard doors and refrigerators to feed themselves.