anyone have any input on this tenergy charger?

i have a dsd charger that i bought from dx. it does it's job putting out 500ma. the new tenergy's i got take a long time to charge in that charger and i'm not thrilled about fixed mounted tabs to hold a battery in place. i would rather have a charger that has the sliding tabs that adapt to different sized batteries. this charger charges at 1000ma. what do ya'll think?

Could be a Trustfire TR-001 - rebranded ...

Then again , I really like my Trustfire TR-001 .. [ Bit of a love hate thing , people either love em or hate them ] much like the WF-139 ...

Though its not a charger to be left overnight or a week unsupervised ..

If I read the description correctly, it states that it provides 500mA per channel, not 1000mA, so this wouldn't be any quicker than what you have currently.

I have that one, but white in color it is a rebranded Trustfire TR-001. I really like mine I bought two others for friends and all three are all working fine.