Anyone have the Thunder AC680?

Hello, I’ve been looking for a hobby charger and I came upon the Thunder AC680 and was wondering if any one has it. It has a power adapter built in so I won’t have to spend money on one and you get a 15% discount if you enter the code AC68015 (in case anyone wants one).
I wanted to get the Turnigy Accucell 6 but they’re out of stock at Hobbyking (Backordered at US warehouse and I don’t want to wait for one shipped from HK). I was wondering if this would be good for charging and testing the capacity of my batteries. I’ll only be charging 18650 batteries with it and only one battery at a time. How would this charger fare against the Accucell 6 and the Imax B6? Would this be a good alternative to waiting for the Accucell to come back in stock? Other charger recommendations are also welcome but I would like to keep it under $50. Thanks.