Anyone have this Buck knife/ tool

I've got another similar model from Manafont, the one with scissors and clip, and I am happy with it, I can't compare it with the original in case this is a copy, but I can recommend it as it is.

*Edit: I remembered now I made a video of it, here you got it:

Excellent vid Yavi. I think that is the one I ordered but then I noticed the other one with the pliers.

I hope you like it too when you receive it.

The part I liked most comparing with Victorinox are the scissors, the piece that acts as a spring, is much better in my opinion, as I haven't had any victorinox where it did not break in a short period of time.

Did you receive it EDC?

It is a nice tool for the money. It is not a real Buck, at least the one I got from MF (Buck does not produce anything with this tool selection). The only disappointing thing about it are the pliers. Even the anemic Victorinox pliers are better, smaller but better (so don't think it can compare with the pliers of a Leatherman / SOG / Gerber in any level). You can't really put any force without hurting a finger or two. But the knife and the rest of the tools are very nice.

I would get this instead: . It is thinner (no pliers) but also a bit more expensive for some strange reason.

That is the one I've got, I did not know the pliers were not that good, but the scissors are really good in my opinion, quite better than Victorinox.

I got the one without the pliers. I like it. Was Edc-ing it xmas day and someone was asked for a screw driver. I ended up putting together a toy box with it.

I bought it for fishing so it will be ideal. I agree- the scissors are good

And the pliers would be good too if the grip wasn't so "alien", I think the same goes for the original Buck as well (same design). Closing the pliers with your fingers doesn't give much grip and if you place the tool inside your hand and close it, you have - some - grip but it closes so much that it bites your fingers!

I did not know it was for fishing, I also use it for that, but when I go kayaking, I prefer using this other one, I do not wash it, and it did not rust at all.

It is only a part serrated and part plain blade, but I love it hehe, it is quite small also to have it hanging from my neck.