Anyone heard of "DARKTORT"?

Seems a new brand. From the website it’s states that the owner of a flash light factory
(Not much info there)

Darktort is established by a designer and owner of a flashlight factory. They do OEM for many flashlight brands in China and overseas brands too. This year, they decided to make their own products using their own brand. DTC20 is illustrating their quality, feelings about beauty of a flashlight. You won’t regret to buy this.


Looks not that bad.

Reminds me of the new ThruNite Neutron.

Selfbuilt! made a review of a DT-E1, > 5 years ago

I have. They had some pretty nice modelsite and the quality seemed to be there. I think fast tech had them along with a few other places.

I've heard of the DarkBort.

the evil Bort is constantly wrestling with the good Bort and almost always wins .

I own a Darktort DT-E1.0. It was popular on CPF a long time ago. Very well made light.

So which Bort do we have here then ? the good Bort, Evil Bort, or neutral Bort ? :stuck_out_tongue:

That light looks nice. One on their web site looks like a V11R on steroids.
Also, Bort’s a hoopy frood.

I like the look, a lot actually, just wonder about that clip. Looks flimsy. I don’t care much for the clip ons. Sometimes on the cheap lights they will scratch the anodization right off.

IIRC they were a partner company with edgetac (the people who made the raidfire spear), they released a couple lights about 5 years ago and never heard from them anymore.

I was about to buy the dt-e1 but then I got the nitecore extreme infinity instead. “Premium” lights back then were designed with extreme sophistication and quality, just look at this pill as an example:

Only information on the DT-E1 were available. The website is nearly empty, google search shows at least some pictures.
Seems well priced.
A lower low and moon mode, 1 lumen or less, would make this one a good counterpart to the Thrunite Neutron 2C v2 and Nitecore PT12.

FT now offers Darktort DTC-20
Nice looking flashlight…

GB has the DTC20 now too. Looks very nice for sure. I guess nobody has one to report on build/measurements?

Same host that is being used by sunwayman p25c. S P25c is my trucks edc and I’ve had it for a few months now. Great light and build quality. Modes could be better spaced. I’ve thought about buying the DTC20 to compare to the S P25c but wasn’t too sure darktort was still in business since that’s the only light I could find thats currently available.

Wasn’t Nitecore somehow associated with this company? My memory is fuzzy on this as it was quite a few years back. Sorry I couldn’t recall more 411 for you.