Anyone here ever see a Rivian Truck in person on the Road?

Just wondering if these things are Vaporware or what.

This blurb says they actually delivered 920 vehicles in 2021, But where did they end up?

They may be the best of whatever they are trying to be, just would like some firsthand insight.


Not knowingly. Took a good while ’til I saw my first Tesla when they came out, though.

I've never seen that truck before.

I pay attention to interesting tail lights on the road, and I would have noticed those tail lights.

I actually see several of them on the road per week. I do live near their factory though.


It was a couple years before i saw my first Prius.

There's a lot of interesting and luxury vehicles in the area where I live, so maybe I'll see this truck soon.

they must be very rare, haven’t seen one in the wild yet

Yes! I’ve only seen one. It was on the freeway in Tacoma, Washington. Very cool.

Never seen one.

And with the losses they are posting, I wonder how long they will be around??
Rivian says it delivered nearly 1,000 electric trucks in 2021

The company lost $4.7 billion last year

Rivian said it brought in $55 million in revenue over the course of the year, almost all of which in the last three months. It recorded a net loss of $2.5 billion in the fourth quarter and a net loss of $4.5 billion for the year.

Never seen one in person, but they were used as support vehicles in Long Way Up, a tv series with Charlie Boorman and Ewan McGregor travelling on electric Harleys from the southernmost tip of South America.

It’s a good representation of long term use in difficult and cold conditions. Only on Apple TV here but you might find a way round it.

There were few shown when the “engorged male member” rocket was launched few times by Blue Origin.

Literally had an R1T drive past me this morning while shoveling my driveway.

Tesla was siphoning money for many years before finally turning a profit. It takes time.

Yeah, like early Tesla(and most bleeding edge startup companies), Rivian are in the heavy R&D development phase.


Muto must have ESP (N).

i saw one today and i followed it
so i could verify the truck’s identity.

my opinion…it resembles an attempt
to be a Transformer Truck before
the “transformation”. generic.

Saw one on a quiet residential street about 5 months ago here in Chicago. Surrounded by gawkers, of course. That was the only one I’ve seen.

latest news:

A willingness to consider Rivian’s direct-sales model helped Georgia land the electric automaker’s $5 billion assembly plant.

Appears to be a joint venture partnership with Amazon and Ford, so they likely have plenty of funding available.

The integrated motor, controller and gearbox look somewhat similar to the nissan laef and tesla, but that is the nature of a transverse motor design, not much else you could do with that.

New developments include 800V system, LiFePO cells, quad motor drive, 0-60 in 3 seconds.

Delivery trucks for amazon is a great application.

So would delivery trucks for USPS, electric vehicles would be an excellent solution for these tasks, make deliveries during the day then charge them overnight and ready to go the next day, save a lot on fuel costs.

Last I heard they are having trouble with production and are also switching batteries...what a shame.