Anyone here have Skype right now...

I am not really good into venting issues with vendors in forum context. But if anyone wants to Skype me maybe my tone will speak volumes :P

PM me for info, will be up for about another hour or so.

EDIT: I guess it's still very fresh in my head this whole thing. But would really like to speakout on it.

Ive had skype on and off , currently not installed ... Its a very good idea , unfortunately not many of my friends or family are using it .

Had it but got sick of someone ringing me so deleted it. Who is the vendor?

i can skype with you

And out of the blue pops up a new member just to chat with you… Interesting.

I'm available if you still need to vent to a real member here.

Only $9.99 a minute!

Well aside form skype, you'll also need a time machine.

LOL…not necessarily. Noodles may still need to vent. I’m on skype all the time so any BLFer can chat if they like. :slight_smile:

When a girl shows up 9 months later ..and only has 1 post...and wants to Skype .

LMAO!!! I didn’t notice anything but the original day (Tuesday) and “2011”. The fact that anyone responded made me think it was this past Tuesday. LOL! Durp durp…heheh

she sounds sweet Allman brothers