Anyone here have YouTube TV in 4K?

Looking for some feedback, considering upgrading big screen and curious as to how many channels/programs are actually in true 4k on YT TV
Already have the regular YouTube TV and am happy with it but some channels are still at 720p.

Any help appreciated.


I’m on rural internet that’s not much faster than dial-up, so I watch youtube in 144p (not a typo) and it still buffers like crazy. There are just no other options out here.

Recommending viewing would be Green Acres, Petticoat Junction and Mayberry RFD, they will look great!

That reality sucks for “the greatest country on earth”

I live in rural Missouri. Our high speed internet is on 10meg service on it’s best day. Usually around 6 meg consistently and most 4k shows and movies won’t play on it. I have Netflix, Prime, Hulu and Fubo. Fubo is a resource hog and only if you have it playing on one TV, forget about watching anything on any other TV. Netflix seems to be the easiest on the resources. We can run it on 3 TV’s simultaneously with very little buffering. I know that didn’t address You Tube TV 4K but hopefully it helped a little.

I don’t know what that means…not sure if you’re talking megabits or megabytes, and there’s no unit of time to associate it with in either case.

Can you tell me what your max download speed is? Mine is 60 KB/second.

Speed is typically measured in bps so kilobits per second, megabits per second, and gigabits per second. The “b” is typically lower case to show bits whereas a “B” would mean Bytes.

10meg is an abbreviation for 10 mega bits per second. Basically slow as shit.

I tried the YouTube TV 4K upgrade package just as a trial. I was pretty disappointed actually. Very little live programming in 4K. Now that I think back I never had watched anything in live 4k. The only thing that I saw that was upcoming was some euro soccer events, but I did not watch any of that. There is a small amount of video on demand including some nature shows, river monsters, and how it’s made. Was actually pretty cool seeing How it’s Made in 4k, since it’s usually in really bad resolution. But from my experience there really isn’t much live content out there outside of some really specific events, and even then it’s hit or miss.
edit- I see you were talking about just regular YT TV. I not longer have an active subscription, but did for several years. I’ve never seen anything available on there in 4K. Like I mentioned earlier, even with the 4k upgrade 10/mo then 20/mo you still get almost nothing.

Is that slower or faster than 60KB/second download speed?

Thanks for that info!
Was what I feared.
Technology held back by lack ‘o’ programming. Those 4K camera’s have to cost a fortune so networks will drag their feet as they always do.

When watching the NFL on Amazon Prime is when I think my TV was outclassed by the incoming data, looked kind of like fast PWM and the set has 120hz frame rate capability so don’t know what they are sending, just think it could be better.

Yes 10 Mbps, I was just just sorta abbreviating. Yes, slow as shit. We don’t mind it too much. It’s cheap and we only stream a few shows in the evenings. Though they are laying fiber out here now, slowly. Forget the name of it. Late 2023 they are saying. I’m sure it won’t be cheap either. Unless it’s affordable I’ll just keep what I have. I can watch TV and the kids use hotspots on their phones if they need the extra bandwidth. We are definitely not a high usage family.