Anyone know much about the Armytek barracuda pro?

Just wanting to know a few things.
1, on two 18650s what is the runtime on turbo 1500lumens before it drops down to say 90% output?

2, is it easy to quickly drop the output down to low,med modes etc with the twist of the head while in use? Basically toggeling back n forth between low and turbo to conserve batteries.

3, anyone know the lumen output and color temp with warm white?


AT likes yellowish tint. I don’t know the Barracuda but am sure it’s the same kind XHP35 like their Dobermann has. Warm lights (except Nichia Wizard) are about 4000K, white lights about 5000K.

Turbo 2 last an hour or so on nearly 100% according to Dachfalter from TLF:

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Yes, loosen the head gets ATs tactical lights to the last mode used; tighten head for Turbo 1 or 2, depending on programming. Switch between them at your will.