Anyone Know The Lumens of the 4 Mode DRY?

Hi, I been reading alot on this forum and finally ordered the DRY 3x XML V2 4 mode Neutral.

One thing I cant find is what is the Lumens of Low/Med/High/Turbo and approximate runtimes of each?

oh, this is my first LED. All I have now are a few HID Spotlights

Any info greatly appreciated

oh also it says only 18650 Unprotected batteries can be used

...can i not use UltraFire Protected 18650's?


Looking for the lumens of the Medium especially. I assume High is 2500 and Turbo is 3000?

i guess it's about: 200-800-1800-2700 from numbers i read before

You can use protected cells.

Thanks guys!

I figure I need about 800 lumens for my nightly rounds.

I was guessing that Medium was around 800 lumens and it would give me a little over 2hrs run time.

That would be perfect as it takes me about 2hr 20 min to do my rounds.

Yes, medium is about 900 lumens OTF and maybe slips to about 600 lumens OTF during the end. There shouldn't be any issue with heat when operating continuously esp if ambient is below 25 deg C and with a very light breeze.

Thanks 2100!

So 2hrs 20 min run time at about 900 lumens would be about right?

Maybe even 3 hours. Let's say the medium is 1000 lumens. That would 333 lumens per LED. To get that brightness one Xm-L needs about 800mA and 2.9V.

So if you would use the Sanyo UR18650FM, 3 hours is also possible.

It will slip quite a lot for the current when the cell is discharging.