Anyone know what this light is (and where to get it)?


Does anyone know what this light:

“Authentic UltraFire Cree XM-L T6 5-Mode 600-Lumen LED Flashlight”

actually is? Also, have you seen this anywhere (other than Fasttech)?

I’ve had this on order for almost a month now at Fasttech, but they haven’t shipped yet, so I’m looking for an alternate source.


That page don’t load for me, grab a pic of it and post.

If ya need a screen capture utility, try this freeware,

The works on, says all Windows OS’s

however, “Doesn’t Work on: Windows 7 / Windows Vista”

I use ver 4.00 on XP
It doesn’t have to be “installed” it works from an icon, I can mail it to ya.

Wallbuys has it on page 2 of their promotions page


Wow! How were you able to find that?

Thanks. Ordered, and will be cancelling the FT order (for the 2nd time :()…


Psychic Friends Netwok..

$1.25 a minute

The one from ft is 14500 and the wb one is 18650.

That will be $1.25 pls. :wink:

Thanks for pointing that out :). So I’m still looking for the original light then :(…

I must admit, it’s on my ft wish list. :wink: I just wish it was narrower to embody the 14500.

Also found at Manafont


and Kaidomain


Thanks everybody. Just noticing the pricing at those other places like CNQ, etc., I wonder if that’s why FT isn’t able/willing to provide the light?

cnqgoods - you'll probably get the light but will never have an emial answered .

manafont- will probably send you a fake that will break and then they won't respond to your emails .

Focalprice - will send you the wrong light and try to get you to pay for return shipping /and half the time paypal will see this as fair .

Kaidomain - will send you a broken light and be clueless as to why that would bother you .

Wallbuys - will send you the AA light but list it as an 18650.

Dx - would take 3 months to ship it.

There is still a reason 90% of us still love Fasttech ....If they go straight to hell at this point's been a good run and was nice while it lasted.

1.25 $ refund sent

I should have seen this coming

Hi Boaz,

Are you saying that you think the one from WB is a 14500?

Comparing pics on FT and WB (the side profile), it looks like the one on WB has a relatively longer middle section/battery tube than the one from FT, so it seems like the WB one is an 18650 light.

I’m still hoping that you’re correct, that I’ll get a 14500 light :)…

I’ve actually gone ahead and put 2 images next to each other and measured a bit. The middle section in the FastTech picture is in fact shorter than the one in the WallBuys picture. The difference matches the 16mm length difference in the description of the 2 sites (FastTech 107mm, WallBuys 123mm). 16mm matches pretty well with the difference in length between 14500 and 18650. They both have the same diameter though, 23mm, which is rather big for a 14500 light.

FastTech has a CR123A version as well, which is 94mm in length:
Now it makes a bit more sense…

Maybe you can run a 14500 in it with a spacer? The difference in length and weight is not that much.

Maybe those lights, the 18650 one and the 14500 one, are members of a family of flashlights that all have the same tail and same head, and in the factory they just play lego at the end, to produce a 14500 or a 18650 ? It would explain why they have the same diameter and different lengths.


If it’s 18650, which is what I expect, I’ll just use it with 18650.


What you said, about a “family” of lights, is what I was guessing also.

That’s an option as well ofc :slight_smile: . I just noticed the picture of the individual components of the FastTech 14500 version. The tube is really thick there.

I do wonder whether the specs for the input voltage are correct, as the CR123A one also says 3.7-4.2V. If it’s correct, I think that would mean it’s actually only for RCR123A cells, not for non-rechargable 3V cells.

Just for my case, I’m looking at this more as a host, so I’ll probably be replacing the driver and emitter…