Anyone know who makes this Light? Nice and cheap with a Nichia LED

This is the light;

Just bought 2 of them because of:
1.Nichia Led
2.Uses AA’s and comes with batteries
3.Free shipping
4. I don’t have enough flashlights and am always looking for a diamond in the rough :slight_smile:


Wilmar Corporation sources product throughout the world to competitively provide an extensive range of good quality automotive tools.

In other words, I don’t know who made this light. :slight_smile:

Edit: The light is patented, but only as far as ornamental design. Patent issued to Wilmar Corp.

Hopefully you found a cheap diamond.

In case you are not aware. Nichia are like kinda like Cree, they make a bunch of emitters. They come in all various kind of flavors. Some are more efficient and updated than others, some have higher CRI than others... Most emitters in cheap lights are nothing special..

When that is said, please report back how the tint is. I doubt you can complain much considering the price anyway.. :)

LOL…worst nichia tint was those Fenix put in the E01’. Purple Passion. >)

Hope yours are better tinted.

Great detective work!

The package shows 2 AA’s, if that is the case and they are run in series, I’ll try a 14500 with a dummy.
I’ll use one that is down around 3.8 volts and see what happens, worst case, I’m out $5.99 if it fries it, but I bet it won’t.