Anyone knows if a law exists in Canada for LED flashlights????

Anyone knows if a law exists in Canada for led flashlights???? because Canada Customs has sent my flashlight at ''Industry Canada'' for expertise if is the flashlight is legal....

If you knows and you have the link for this specific law ...says me please.

I say at the custom canada it's a flashlight but he give code ''K24'' because they think it's a laser!!!!


i'm pretty sure there's no laws for flashlights in Canada..otherwise I would have been hit also lol..probably making sure it's not a laser, but even lasers aren't illegal..unless you point it at an aircraft..let us know how it pans out..

I don't know of any laws and so far none of the lights that I've purchased have been intercepted by customs.

Lasers arent illegal in many countries. You just need a permit.

What flashlight is it?

oh come on, they can't tell a laser and a flashlight apart?

i live in canada too but this has never happened to me.

i bet that customs guy is a 60 yr old grandpa who has never seen a LED b4.

or perhaps the customs hasn't practice code "K24" for a while and they just have the urge to use it.

practice makes perfect u know.

The customs know about every type of flashlight especially the really good ones because they all carry them....They get theirs from that bin marked K24.

"WOW....That ones really bright ...Must be a laser ..he he he..." :P