Anyone own the SmallSun ZY-C85? 3-mode?

I can't read Chinese so I have no idea where the link leads - it appears to be some sort of search engine but is it spam or not?

Here's the Wikipedia entry

It may be legit so I've not marked it as spam.

baidu is a search engine from China ,In China it is more popular than google .

but i don't know what does leilei393 maean ?

maybe he want to insert a link ?

Don't know

Thanks for that - I didn't know about Baidu

You are welcome!

Sure thing, just make sure you never buy from Everbuying. It’s a dirty company.

I think in true CPF fashion, you should delete his posts and ban him.

I have got two C-85. One from DX and another one from Popbuying. Surprisingly they were absolutely identical, specially by means of output and qualityand sadly, as well for the crucked click switch retaining ring. After rectifying this, they both took a protected 14500 with the endcap screwed in all the way.

I compared them also with the wellknown C78 using a 14500. The output is quite equal, exept the C78 has a more blueish tint. The zoom range is about equal as well, with a slight adwantage for the smaller die image from the C78 when zoomed. Other than that, the C78 is flimsy from A to Z (protruding clicky, wobbly zoom, thin housing) not to metion the ugly and useless sleeve (twisted sewings, no belt loop), that came with that one. Overall I would say the SmallSun clearly is the better buy. I like this one and I will sure buy some more.

Btw: I have got also his bigger brother, the SmallSun C-84 (18650) from PB, for less than 10$! I own also a SmallSun ZY-A4. And yes, I like zooming lights, there are three other models on the way.

OK, well, I would suggest you try to live without it, because the the SmallSun ZY-C85 is a piece of junk, and E is an awful company.

I cann't understand you!

It's make it clear then. Nobody likes spammers. NOBODY. If anyone ever admits to buying from Everbuying, I would mock their gullibility.

The URL says it all...