Anyone own the SmallSun ZY-C85? 3-mode?

Hello everyone, I've been looking at the SmallSun ZY-C85, it appears to be a nice, tailstandable 1xAA flashlight with a zoom lens feature. But I wonder if it has three modes or a single mode. It is listed with different characteristics on different sites:

"Single Mode"

"3-mode" [It is NOT a 3-mode light]

Anyone own it perchance? Thanks a lot!

Mine is definitely a single mode. Not as bright as the (now defunct) X2000 which now draws 7.4A from an 18650 but emits no light, just noxious smells. Contrary to some of the DX reviews, mine is pretty well built and works nicely with a 14500. Spot (on maximum zoom) the perfect size at 17 metres for large black dog spotting. Comes with a pretty good holster - at least it does from DX.

Thanks Don, I thought you might have one around!

I just ordered one of these from, with a discount it cost me $9.00. They swear that it does have three modes (at least their version does), but it looks like it probably won't come with a holster, which I would really like. We'll find out next month...

Beam on narrow focus

You always produce the best pics Don. What kind of camera do you use again?

Thanks Don! Nice pics. It looks like it should be pretty nice for the price. I like these simple cylindrical designs, and the zoomable lens is a neat trick. Let's hope they send me a 3-mode version as they promised. I don't doubt that there is a 3-mode version floating around in a warehouse somewhere, SmallSun is especially guilty of producing versions of flashlights with the same name but different mode features.

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Got one from FP, they claimed it was 3-mode but got a 1-mode.

The lens is smaller than on other zoomable lights so it doesn't focus as well.

These tend to have a problem where the plastic screw-in ring in the tailcap has been shoved in at an angle (not screwed in using the thread!) causing some AA batteries to not fit properly.

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I think I can echo your experiences with the SmallSun ZY-C85. I just received one from Everbuying (after not expecting to receive it), but I don't like it at all. It is a single-mode when Everbuying promised me personally that it would be a 3-mode. The beam isn't all that nice compared to my cheap $4.99 eBay No. 5 generic zoomable light, although perhaps better than the Sipik SK-58 beam. And worst of all, the tailcap doesn't screw in all the way with a battery put in. Any way to fix this?


As I mentioned, the plastic retaining ring in the tailcap might not be straight, if you remove it and screw it in properly that should give you a little bit more space for the battery.

Ugh this retaining ring is EXTREMELY tight, I've been torquing at it for 10 min now, no luck.