Anyone Play Guitar?

Are there any musicians here? Does anyone play guitar?

I think it’s more accurate to say that I own several guitars than to say that I actually play guitar :slight_smile:

I do know how to read music and I know the chords but that’s about it. I don’t play them well or often. I’d like to put in a little more effort so that I at least know several songs well.

I’ve got a Telecaster, a Martin steel string acoustic, an Epiphone Les Paul Studio, and a classical guitar (as well as a tweed cover Blues Jr. and some pedals).

I’m sure someone here must play guitar. Fess up!

I started about ten years ago, just for myself and without a teacher. And so do I sound

But I was heavy into building guitar effects pedals as well, guess I'll always be more of a technician than a musician.

I dabble in the guitar department, but I play nowhere near as much as I once did. I have a Mexican-made Fender strat with humbuckers, a Roland Cube practice amp and a Zoom G2 effects pedal. I sold the rest of my gear (pedals etc) some time ago because I found I just wasn’t using any of it anymore. Have a decent classical as well.

The main thing is that I don’t have anyone to jam with anymore. Once upon a time I was traveling in a social circle with other musicians so there was always some fun to be had. But I’m not really interested in playing gigs or anything, so I sort of fell out of touch with most of them. It’s just a hobby now, and one that I pick up and put down whenever it suits. The way I like it. I’m not really a musician so much as someone who becomes something resembling one occasionally :slight_smile:

I started playing the guitar since high school and own an acoustic and electric guitar. Self-taught and later learned more online. I also collect tablatures.

I’ve been playing bass guitar for 40 plus years. Been in progressive rock bands from the early 70’s up until the mid 90’s. These days I’ve just been jamming occasionally with friends.

Some of the basses and amps I’ve owned over the years


1969 Gibson EB3

1971 Dan Armstrong Clear Lucite Bass

1973 Rickenbacker 4001

1979 Kramer DMZ5000 (still own)

1980’s Yamaha Fretless

1980’s Steinberger Headless Bass

1992 Fender Urge (American Made) (still own)

2006 Fender Jazz Deluxe (American Made) (still own)

Bass Amps

1971 Ampeg SVT with 2 15” Sun (JBL D130’s) cab

1974 Ampeg B410 Combo

1970’s Traynor Head with 18” folded horn cab

1979 home built utilizing a bridged Hafler DH200 power amp, IVP Intersound Pre Amp, home made cab utilizing a 15” Electrovoice SRO

1990’s Hartke 7000 bi amped head with XL215 and XL 210 cabs

1990’s Hartke 12” HS-1200 KickBack Combo (still own)

2006 Gallien Krueger 700RBII-210 Combo (still own)

2006 Fender Deluxe Jazz and 1992 Fender Urge Bass

1979 Kramer DMZ 5000 Aluminium Neck Bass

I don’t play nearly as much as I used to. I still have my guitars and gear though. 80’s era Kramers are my favorites, hence my user ID.

I don’t know how to play yet, but I have got a You Rock Guitar and some literature about how to learn it. Well, I probably better try to find a guitar teacher.

YouTube is great for this. I just started checking it out for this purpose.

Keyboards and vocals here .

I did back when I was about 12 and loved it but the a few years later I started playing with girls instead and never went back.

I can see it now…“Ladies and Gentlemen I present The BLF’s!”…

I play a mean air guitar and I kick ass on lead guitar on rock band for xbox.

I still think of myself as a musician, and carry a couple of picks in my pocket. Although I really don’t play much these days. Once a month or so I play bass in the church band, but electric lead is my real love. Started playing guitar when I was at school, then graduated to folk clubs and musos nights at the local pub. I played in pub covers and original bands for 20 years or so in the ’80’s and ’90’s

I have some nice guitars now that I really wish I had when I was playing full time, but never had the money for back then. My favourite is a sunburst flame maple top PRS Classic Electric with slim 24 fret neck, beautiful guitar, light weight and lovely to play.

I have a pretty nice Tanglewood acoustic and a few old Ibanez 70’s vintage Les Paul copies, and a few others.

A collection of old Boss pedals, but these days I love my Line6 Spider amp and pedal board, has some sweet sounds

A nice Spectre 5 string bass and Behringer 300 watt wedge amp is what I use most these days, as it seems we always have lots of budding guitar players, but no one wants to play bass. I don’t mind, its pretty laid back so I get to enjoy worship more.

I also have a pretty decent PA, mostly Behringer stuff, which gets a good run at Christmas time for our community carols night, and monthly for our seniors movie day. They never complain they can’t hear the sound anymore :wink:

I end up doing sound at our main church service most Sundays (and other church events), and get to play at the contemporary service we have at the school afterwards.

Some locals here started a Friday night jam once a fortnight in the outdoor auditorium on the Village Green, a little park area in the centre of town. They stopped when it got too cold out. I really hope it kicks off again when the weather warms up, and intend to join in sometime. Maybe I can get some of the guys from church interested in a group effort, I hope so anyway.

I have always loved music, and can’t imagine what my life might have been like without it. But it isn’t as much of a driven thing for me anymore. Music I love, playing I love, but as a business it sucks, and don’t get me started on musos! :wink:

Like I said, I haven’t been in a band since the mid 90’s, so going to one of my live shows is unfortunately out of the question. Here’s an early picture of me from the mid 70’s playing at a teen dance. I wish I had more pictures handy…

Look at all that hair!

I still have most of my hair, except it’s inside my scalp! :slight_smile:

LOL I had long hair too and a lot of it -- but not anymore.

THUMBS up here for Prog rock/metal…. Kansas, BOC, Dixie Dregs, Genesis, Yes, Zappa, Floyd, Rush, Kings-X. I never get tired of that shit. Add to that some of the heavier bands… .Queensryche, metallica, Maiden, Dreamtheater, Savatage. I miss the days when FM radio sounded like this.

Heres my solid state rig… I got tired of worrying about my tubes all the time and got this peavey head some time in the mid 90s. It simulates a tube sound and the “dynamic feel” of a tube rig… and more importantly it was totally immune to noisy/glitchy AC mains at the house gigs and beer-bash parties I was playing at the time. That drove me nuts!! Get there, unpack plug in and BZZZZZZZ!!! AARGH!!

Mesa makes / brands the best speakers IMHO… two 8ohm Mesa Black shadow 12s. some serious kickass!!

Heres my tube rig where I go into beast-mode. Preamp is tube/solid state hybrid.

My current amplifiers. Gallien Krueger RB700/210 Combo. It’s bi-amped 320 watts for the 10” drivers, and 50 watts for the horn. Power increases to 480 watts with an extension 8 ohm cabinet connected. The other is a Hartke kickback I purchased about 15 years ago. As you can see, I keep my stuff in mint condition (Plus they almost never leave the house)