Anyone tried 3.6v AA Lithium Primaries

I just ordered six 3.6v AA Lithium Primaries. Has anyone ever tried these? I run 3v AA lithium primaries in some Quarks and Eagletacs but have never tried these.

They're not the cheapest batteries to buy, and I wouldn't mind input from anyone experienced with them.

Yeah, I have a bunch of them. I got 25 of the saft ones for 25 bucks off of CPFMP. They are ok but they cannot deliver high currents. When I shorted them with my DMM it reached 2 amps. If you have any other questions just tell me.

I picked up a few of the saft thionyl chloride 14500 quite some time ago from Electronic Goldmine. For 2 bucks each I couldn’t turn them down, but really the weren’t much use to me.
Split them in half and throw them in the toilet, let me know what happens!

just FYI here is the source, I don’t know that they have this for this price anymore, but worth a shot.
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Bad suggestion! lol

Go back to HIDP Vegas :bigsmile: Im there too

Lol. I am tired of the same old questions there all the time.

These batteries does not have a colorful retail package, only a sealed plastic bag for each cell.