Anyone tryed out the new-ish U2 XML yet?

I have a few coming from KD iirc but ive seen nothing about how they project or color from anyone that owns one yet.

So whats the scoop?

Pale blue wall..T6 left (sm reflector) U2 right (OP reflector)

Main difference I could see is that the U2 has no green tint (unlike my 3 T6's).

Tas62, where did you get your U2's from? Cutter? I need a few mounted on stars but dont want to pay the huge shipping fees from Aus. Im also leery of the chinese offerings since they seem to be a mixed bag of unknown bins. Oh what to do!

Just a P60 drop in.

Got a sales link or review link? Thanks.

Check out, they are on sale:,1000Lm@3A/product_info.html

and BLF U2 discussion thread :

The U2 in my low current T2 is warmer tint - forget what tint I got but it wasnt the coolest

It doesn't look to be much different than the T6 as much as i thought it would be. Ive seen several pics of the U2 compared to the T6 now and each and every one looks different in its own way. Whether it be tint or beam shape.

Im not sure of the facts of this one spec, But ive seen several times the U2 being rated at 3.5A nominal. But last i remember Cree's PDF on it didnt reflect that number, So it may be a Chinese lumens rating for Amps now. But it would be fun to run a single U2 in a large two cell light to keep it cool and run it at 4.2A's.

U2 is an efficacy bin, it's a complete orthogonal metric to tint or optics.

Not really, because the additional phosphors needed for warmer tints lower the lumen output. You can't get warm U2s, or really bright 6Ds...

They're measuring separate things, yes, but there is still a strong correlation between the two.


U2's come in similar tints to T6's (the cool "1"'s). It's like asking how R2's compare to Q5's, when most all chinese "Q5"'s are already 6.5kK+ tints.