Anything comparable to Zebralight SC51w for less $ ?

Hey guys,

I like the functionality of the zebralight sc51w. Single button to click through from high to low or click & hold to access low to high. Anybody know if there's a clone or something quite similar for this single AA light, at a lower price?


Sorry, I don't know of any lights using electronic switches for cheaper prices, they may well be out there though.. Zebralights are one brand that you generally can't get decent copies of due to the complexity of the designs/ui.

The Ultrafire UF-H2 is probably the closest budget equivalent to the Zebralight.

I love mine. The price is a little bit on the high side, but it's worth it in my opinion.

+1 for the UF-H2. I have several agonizing hours spent with it while running aircraft panel wires (laying upside down to get at them) as well as while wiring an awkward hanger for lighting. The flood beam is perfect for in close work (with its ramping dimmer) as well as lighting the area directly in font of you while walking in the dark. A simple mod is all that is needed to correct the heat sinking issue, although it will probably survive just fine without it.

If I somehow lost or destroyed it, I would replace it immediately.

nitecore ex-10sp / D-10 sp almost exactly the same UI different kind of switch push and hold not click and it cycles thru the modes .. great lights

A belated post but thanks for the tips. I ended up ordering the zebralight sc51w.


Here I am 2 years later and I have to admit, I much prefer my Jetbeam BA20 over the Zebralight SC51w. Or, pretty well any 2xAA flashlight I’ll gravitate towards. I tend to like the feel of a larger flash light in hand when going for walks or for camping.
If I were a caver or night skier then I suppose I could see the advantage and practicality.

Yet in my case, I tend to misplace things so it’s easier for me to find a 2xAA light rather than this diminutive technological work of art :wink: