Anywhere to buy 17mm contact board in the U.S.?


I was wondering if anyone knows where to buy a 17mm contact board, in the U.S.? I’ve checked IS and so far.

I know that I can strip a driver, but would rather get a plain contact board, if possible.


I'm pretty sure I got 2 laying around here - from parts pulled for upgading. If they are ok and you want one, just pm me. Not sure best way to send it out, if it's ok in a regular envelope or not.


Thanks! PM sent…


It’s funny that you are looking for these. I just was trying to buy some more from Intl-Outdoor, and they seem to have disappeared. They were actually meant for clicky switches, but they work great.
17mm contact board


Yes. That was one of the places I checked. They have some, but not the 17mm ones. FastTech also has something that’s not quite “it”, but they’re 20mm:


Also this, but it’s also 20.5mm:


CNQ has these, but add doesn’t work:

I sent Hank an email about them.

And I PM’ed RIC :)… So post back and I’ll do the same?

I always saved the single mode boards after harvesting chips. They will work.

Hank says he still has them. I asked for ten. I told him others were looking for them too. I’ll let you know when I hear back from him again. Maybe he’ll restore the link, or maybe they’re just buried under some weird category.


Thanks for following up with this!! I just placed an order with them, but that’s ok, I need another excuse, anyway :). Did he give you some ETA, esp. since he apparently still has them?