AOUYUE Int 936 replacement heating elements

Does anyone know where I can get replacement heating elements for my AOUYUE Int 936 soldering station? It's a 4 wire ceramic unit Aouyue part number C001 and the HAKKO tips fit so I believe the element will also.

This is a Chinese knockoff of the HAKKO 936 and I believe the parts are interchangeable.

EDIT: Never mind I found a place that has them and they are local.

U just got this ?should be warranty ? I thought this was as good as weller?

are those prices good? i need to get a soldering iron capable of adding chips to drivers...

edit: (googled) seems they're not bad, depending on shipping

any reason (in your opinion) to cough up the extra $ for the 937 over what you have?

I got it almost 6 months ago and have been using it non stop almost every day. I have gone through 4 Hakko tips and I just replaced the heating element with the spare one that came with the unit. The heating element is a 6 dollar replacement item and I probably cracked it by over tightening the tips. I don't want to be scrambling to find another heating element in 6 months when this one wears out so I started looking for a new one now. I burned up two 5 dollar Walmart irons in the last year also so replacing a $6 dollar element does not seam unreasonable to me.

edited my post but you reply before I submitted:)

you seem happy w/ 936...I think i'll go for it wherever I can order along w/ extra tips

I got mine from Amazon and I paid a little more, these ship from Mass so it would have been cheaper had I known about this site sooner. This unit is perfect for adding chips and any other small tedious work, I highly recommend this unit. The 937 has a digital readout I only use the temperature readout as a guide I always adjust it once I start soldering. The temp also varies depending on the wear on the tip and the element so I can't see spending the extra money for the digital readout, unnecessary bling in my opinion.

hmm, maybe less reliable, too


It's a direct knockoff of the Hakko so the Hakko tips fit. I was getting the Hakko tips from KD for 2 bucks but they sent me the wrong ones before so I will spend the extra dollar and get them from here instead.

How about, .

Thats where I get all my soldering stuff from!

My aoyue2702 has the heating element built into the tips! (hey where have I heard that name before? aoyue2702??? hrmm... )

what do you use the hot air gun for, other than shrink tube? w/ respect to electronics...since I have a heat gun I use for all sorts of other things...

removal of chips, I mod a lot of electronics. game systems , etc

I got ya, well at least u like it ,;). What temp do u find u use mostly when doing your drivers and LEDs ?

If your talking to me,

I usually operate around 380-450 for most work.

Either or ,lol so 10 to 15 watts ?

Well, default is 350 when you turn it on , I usually either use that for light work or if Im soldering something big I bump it up a bit.

So where’s the best prie for the replacement tips and elements?

U made me upgrade to this btw :wink:

It's a great unit you will love it. Some of the reviews of Amazon noted that the wires were incorrectly routed and would have burned up had they not been moved, so you might want to pop it open and take a look before you fire it up I checked mine and they were fine.

I finally got around to ordering just now (tax return :). I thought it was $36 or 37 last time I checked, says 40 now? Oh well...

edit; 5 dollars cheaper on their ebay page and free shipping - same seller!