APEX ST6 Stainless Steel CREE XM-L T6 600-Lumen 1x18650 3-mode Flashlight

Hello Guys,

A new Stainless Steel 1x18650 Flashlight

APEX ST6 1x18650 CREE XM-L T6 800-Lumen 3-mode Stainless Steel Flashlight

It’s a very nice little SS EDC light with good throw. Built Quality and beam is very nice.


Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Emitter: CREE XM-L T6 1A
Battery: 1x 18650
Reflector: Aluminum Alloy SMO Reflector (has a very nice throw)
Switch: GITD Tail cap Switch
Mode: 3 ( Low > Mid > High) without memory; Start On Low Mode
Lumens: 600 Lumen on High mode
Current: 2A on high;0.8A on Mid;0.1A on Low
Water Proof: IPX6
Dimension: 39mm(Head)*153mm(Length)*22mm(Body
Netweight: 206g



Any question please feel free to ask.


Email: sales@cnqualitygoods.com



Opened a group buy link on Fancyflashlights.com

APEX ST6 CREE XM-L T6 1×18650 600-Lumen 3-mode Stainless Steel Flashlight

It last till August.

Quantity: 40 pieces

Steampunk look.

Brass on stainless…

Needs a metal tailcap.

Oooooh! shinny!

Looks nice, but… do you have any plans to add NW option?

It reminds me of one of those groovy old incan torches from the 20’s & 30’s. 8)

Also, does it come with that cool little compass lanyard?

Woowwo, really like the look,

I want one, Can I order get one without the logo?

NW is my new favorite. Boy does it make a difference im almost thinking
about digging up the P60 Incandescent that are piling up…Almost…

Handsome light. Does the surface have clear coat? I would opt for the no gold otherwise
nice SS EDC


It could be very hot on high mode in minutes!

It won’t, SS doesn’t conduct heat well

Lots of good questions. Nice looking light!

NW option will be available soon.

CW is ready for ship.


The cool leather lanyard with compass is included.


Beamshot added

Any body intereted a group buy for this light?

We can offer 25usd shipped if can gather up 10+.


Can you put a 3T6 in the ST6?

If the group buy is in august and nw, I’m in, I love the look of that, as said, a stainless tail cap boot in the brass tail cap would make it perfect.

Looks very nice, I especially like the brass heatsink section. Seems well thought out and I was surprised at the relatively low price point. You’d probably move a few of these over on CPF at almost twice the price…

Any plans for an OP reflector?

I’m in for a GB.


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