Apple tv Siri remote needs a new coat

As I changed to another provider I got the Apple TV box.
I’m not a huge fan of iOS in any way, can’t change it so soon though as this offer was half the price of the competitors.

The Siri remote is very small and too symmetrical that you nearly can’t feel if you hold it in the right direction.
And guess what, you can’t download the voice assistant in my region, Switzerland, even if I’d take it in English. F*ck you apple.

Anyways, instead of spending huge amounts ($4) on a silicone case I decided to make one myself, took me only 2-3 hours worktime, so I saved a lot :stuck_out_tongue:
But I learned even more.

The touchpad is still crap but at least it’s better in hand and no, it’s not the Death Star on it but:

Meanwhile the beer is getting cold enough for my also just finished Kennedy coasters

First of all, that is a very nice leather case. Excellent work.
Second, if you are not a fan of iOS/tvOS -> some Apple boxes are great with Kodi:

Viele Grüße in die Schweiz! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, I’ll definitely look into that!
Not sure if it’s working with the Salt branding but maybe it will.
It’s just embarassing that just for using youtube I need an Apple ID

Grüsse vom Bodensee :slight_smile:

Too bad, I need a Mac to install Kodi, so I just have to learn to use it as it is.