approaching supercontinuum with LED

Hi guys!
I am trying to understand if it is possible to get/make an LED-based light source that emits from (at least) 800-1100 nm.
I am no expert in LEDs but as far as I understood most of them are developed for visible and the few that exist in this wav.range are expensive.
Is there anyone here with experience in this? Could you suggest where to look for or outright tell me it cannot be done? =)


Check this thread

thanks but the LED mentioned have nowhere near the broad spectrum I need.
From the look of it, I would probably some solution integrating multiple sources.

Phosphor-based broadband infrared LEDs exist but are relatively expensive. The Osram SFH 4776 has a similar wavelength to what you specified (700-1050nm) but it has an unusual pad arrangement. It might be difficult to find an MCPCB from the common sources that will match this layout.

The Osram SFH 4736 has a more typical arrangement but a wider wavelenth stretching well into the visible space (600-1050nm).

Luckily, both of these LEDs seem to have fairly typical voltage and current requirements so I don’t think driving them will be a problem. I haven’t actually tested either of these emitters personally, so take this with a grain of salt.

Thanks Rayoui! This is more or less what I was looking for. The wavelength is exactly what I need but I was hoping the power would be higher.
I am indeed reading around that the issue with such sources is that they are still not comparable in power with a halogen lamp.
Thanks a lot!