April Fools Giveaway. We have a WInner!

The winner is M78 - Post #45

I normally do a screen capture from Random.org, but since I switched to Win 8.1, I can't seem to get one any more, not even with the print screen key, not even thru my favorite program. Gotta love such great improvements. We don't need no stinkin screen captures......

Well, it's April, (ok, so it's not till Tuesday, but I never wait for anything)Tongue Out. Here's a giveaway that is NOT for all members. See the rules, to get in the giveaway.



The giveaway is for a HD2010 to Mod.

Here's what you get:

  1. HD2010 Host (Fandyfire) [Courtesy of Tmart]
  2. Copper pill/heat sink [Courtesy of a BLF member]
  3. XM-L2 - Cool White
  4. 20mm Copper Star
  5. 18ga Teflon coated silver plated copper wire
  6. Qlite 3 amp driver
  7. 4 Extra 7135 chips (that means you have to solder on the extra chips yourself).Wink
  8. Gold spring to replace the one on the driver
  9. Copper braid for the driver and tail cap springs
  10. Instructions from me if you need them.

Also, the 18650 sleeve has O ring grooves cut and O rings installed, to keep it from rattling

In order to enter, you must fit the following requirements:

  • Must be a member of BLF on or Before 03-30-2014
  • DO NOT have a HD2010
  • Should not be an "experienced modder" (I think that's probably too specific. Let's leave it at just qualifying the first two requirements, how's that?)

I can't force anyone that already has a HD2010, to not enter. and I can't force anyone who is an experienced modder, to not enter. All I can do is ask that you don't. This is more for the first time modders or members who do not have a HD2010.

You will need some tools to do this mod. That is up to you, but I ask that you post a thread showing your achievement, if you will.

Your post number is your winning ticket

One winner will be picked from Random.org on APRIL 4th. 2014

Have fun,

This may or may not help in modding the light


Ah why did I already buy an hd2010! Would have loved to have had a chance to build this sucker!

Oh well, congrats to the lucky guy/gal that does get it!

I don’t have an hd2010. I do make p60 dropins and have a few modded c8s.

I would like to be in, if the above disqualifies me then it’s ok. Good luck to everyone and thanks for the generous giveaway.

I don't qualify. Just wanted to say that this is a great type of giveaway with an awesome reward to the winner brave enough to try.

Perfect, I’m definitely in for my first mod.

Hi, I’m not a modder and do not have a HD2010.
Pl count me in O.L. thank u for the generousity

LOL.. I've got one HD2010 in my hands and another on order.

It was the HD2010 that got me into my FIRST EVER major modding and I've been around here a couple years. Finally got into it!

I have Old-Lumens to thank as it was his videos that finally got me motivated.

Thanks Old Lumens !

Oh, please do not enter me in the giveaway.

Good Luck To The Winner !

I’m in.

Well you tell me if I qualify: haven’t actually modded, but I did buy (and give away) the Tangsfire in your group buy. Having all the components together would force me to finally buy a soldering iron so if you qualify me I’m in :slight_smile:

If you do not have a HD2010, you qualify.

I'm in!!!! Woohoo! Wish me luck! I need this! Random.org please bless me!

Yea…I qualify!

My TangsFire from your group buy is marked TS 2010, do I still qualify?

I would love a chance to mod this light

I’m in!

Been considering a HD2010 and modding for a while now, this might be the kick up the butt I required.

I’m in too. Can’t exactly call myself inexperienced but I have never reflowed an emitter before.

Same here! I’m in.

If I have 2 and 1 on the way does that mean I have a HD2010 or does it mean something else and that would mean that I could enter this comp? Is everyday getting worse or is it just me?

Thanks for the giveaway OL and may the winner have lots of fun.