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What is KeepPower UH1835P IMR18350 10A Discharge 1200mAh + Trit Vials?

I don’t see any link to trit vials?

Every time I see a deal on that Ti3 I think how a BLF edition would be great…

Sorry, this is old promotion information. I will correct it later.



Fireflies ROT66
Nichia High CRI

$ 82.56

code: BGCFCROT66
Fireflies ROT66
XPL HI 6500K

$ 92.88

code: BGCFCROT66
Fireflies ROT66
Osram 6500K

$ 110.08

code: BGCFCROT66

Fin17, do you have a new code for the Nitecore TUP? Thanks :smiley:

Hi Fin, have we any chance to coupon of Nitecore USN4 Pro battery charger? Thanks :slight_smile:

“This coupon is not available for limited offer products.”

Looks like it is already on a promo at the moment, so Fin17’s code should work when the promo ends on the 5th November.

Gearbest's flash sale price ($39.99) much better then BG coupon prices ($43-$46)

link -

I think Fin17s, Freemes and M4XM4Xs deals threads deserve their dedicated non intrusive buttons with update status, on top of BLFs Recent posts page etc. This will make it easier to check their amazing deals.

Could you send me the code for fireflies ROT66 Gen II please?


for newest

Fireflies ROT66 Generation II


Please have the code/price for the Wuben TO50

Interested in Fireflies ROT66

Impossible now ((((

Ivanmm77 Yokiamy - PM's sent