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Like how this looks much better

04 May 2018

Lumintop EDC25
LED Flashlight

$ 43.99

code: 8920ea

Great new look Fin. Any chance on a code for Klarus Mi7 in olive green? Thank you sir.

Thanks Fin, I was looking for the Mi7 not the Mi1. I am sure one will come around eventually. I am in no hurry.

I'll try to get the code on Monday.

05 May 2018

06 May 2018

Now there is only a standard coupon

07 May 2018

Thanks Fin, I appreciate it. M4D M4X got me taken care of at $23.17 but I appreciate your response sir.

I’m asking for the code on BD06, i would DX80 but starting price is … not for me :slight_smile:

Please PM me Imalent DX80 and RT70 deal, thanks! :sunglasses:

BD06 code please.

Gofer, hIKARInoob, Satan@103TFS - :MAIL:

Please PM me the Lumintop HL18

Fin17 - i ordered, thanks :beer:

Ordered, thank you!