The BLF Flashlight / Accessory / Battery / Spares Retailers Thread with Discount Codes

Updated and tested 29/01/2021 :THUMBS-UP:

Hi guys and gals, I see people often asking where to buy X? is there a discount code for Y? I’m not doing affiliate link stuff here, just links to the shops we all love and where to get parts, in country zones with their discount codes. Please DO NOT share them outside this site - some sellers very kindly supplied them for use of the BLF members only. :THUMBS-UP:
I thought it would be handy to put it all in 1 place, rather than having to search every time!

Obviously I don’t know them all, but I’m happy to update this thread with your replies, and obviously retailers who wish to offer the BLF a discount.
I’m asking for some help here - if you know a shop you like or use please put it below - I’d like to know which country it’s in, a link and the discount code if there is one.

Firstly, the easiest way to get a new light at a discounted price is through one of our dedicated dealfinders, here are the BLF links to them, in no order.

Next are the links to the stores which sell everything flashlight and more!

Europe .


  • 18650 UK LINK Discount Code : 10% discount – BLF10
  • Ecolux LINK Discount Code : 10% Discount - BFC or AMPS+5 Ebay Shop LINK
  • Torchy LINK Discount Code : torchybonus 15% off until the end of the year (2021) or Ebay LINK
  • Fogstar LINK Discount Code : 15% Discount JANUARY15
    (presumably FEBRUARY15 and so on through the months)
    or Ebay - LINK
  • Ampslus LINK Discount Code : 10% Discount - BFC or AMPS+5
  • BatteriesPlus LINK

Modding Parts / Lights.

  • Heinnie Haynes UK LINK
  • Moonraker Knives LINK
  • Torchy LINK Discount Code : torchybonus 15% off until the end of the year (2021) or Ebay LINK
  • Knivesandtools LINK
  • LED4Power LINK Discount Code :

These have regional stores, so for your country please google it.

  • RS Components LINK

USA / Canada .

  • IMRBatteries LINK Discount Code (15% discount) - BLF15
  • 18650batterystore LINK
  • Batteryjunction LINK Discount Code (5% off qualifying orders) - THANKYOU
  • Liion Wholesale LINK
  • 18650Canada LINK Discount Codes : 300$+ 10% off with code 10OFF, 1000$+ 15% off with code 15OFF, 5000$+ 20% off with code 20OFF
  • durnergy01 Ebay LINK

Modding Parts / Lights.

  • MTN Electronics USA LINK Discount Code (3% off) - BLF
  • Armytek LINK Discount Code : 8% Discount - blf8
  • Malkoff Devices LINK
  • Prometheus Lights LINK
  • Elecktro Lumens LINK
  • SBFlashlights LINK



Modding Parts / Lights.

Asia .

Modding Parts / Lights. The bigger stores it’s best to check deal threads for better specific discounts, the links are at the top.

  • INTL Outdoor LINK Discount Code :
  • Kaidomain LINK Discount Code (5% off) : blf
  • Banggood LINK Discount Code : blf
  • Gearbest LINK Discount Code (5% off) : GBBLF
  • Fasttech LINK Discount Code (5% off) : BLF
  • Skilhunt LINK Discount Code (10% off) : blf10


Heinnie Haynes in Wales- my favourite shop

Knives and tools EU-

HK Equipment HK-

Moonraker Knives UK-

Flashaholics UK-

All sell flashlights,

Good idea, thanks Goose

Thanks, updated :smiley:

Gonna add in two AU battery sellers that I’ve had good experiences with:

Both are also on eBay, but cheaper on their direct website.

(getting anything over here is difficult!)


Here is a list of suppliers from an old thread of mine with some others :+1:

AdventureStars UK G
All Spectrum Electronics US
Anchor Optics US
Ant Supplies UK
Atom Industries.Com US

BatteriesPlus UK
Battery Junction US
Battery Station US
Bushcraft Store

Carlco Optics
Conrad UK
CountyComm US
CustomLites Inc US
Cutter Electronics US

DH Gate
DTR Laser Shop
DX DealExtreme

EagleTac US
Elektro Lumens US
Elite US
Environmental LED US

Farnell Electronics UK
Fenix Store
Flashaholics UK
Flashlight Connection US
FlashLightLens US
FogStar Batteries Batteries
Future Electronics

Glow Inc
GoingGear US

HDS Systems US
Heinnie Haynes UK
HK Equipment
HobbyKing US

Illumination Supply US
Intl-Outdoor Store


LED Supermall
LED Supply G
Liberty Flights UK
Light Junction US
LumaForce US
Lumens Factory

Malkoff Devices US
MindSet Online
Mountain Electronics US
Mouser Electronics UK

Nitecore UK

Odicforce Lasers UK
Optics Planet US
OSH Stencils

Prometheus Lights
Rapid LED US
RS Components

Sandwich Shoppe
SBFlashlights US
SolarForce Sales

TacLight UK
TorchDirect UK

UnderWater Kinetics UK
UV Gear UK

Valeno Designs US
Vesture_of_blood US
18650 UK

And a couple handy links for modders & builders:

LEDs & Other Stuff Flashlight Comparator
LEDCalc - Luminous flux calculator
LEDCalc - Current limiting resistor calculator
SMD Resistor code calculator

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No doubt this’ll get lost in the ether too!

Maybe move category to Flashlight Modding and DIY Parts or General and ask sb to sticky :wink: is a good batteries source in PL. So is

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That’s not the case…

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Good idea! Moved and sticky’d:

I’ll have a chat with my contact at Heinnie Haynes next time they place an order with me, see if I can get a BLF discount code?

Yes please!
I just remembered where I remembered you from lol, paracord!

Nice job !

Knivesandtools have regional shops too like .com .de .fr and more

NKON english language is

Updated with Ampsplus and a 10% discount code I found, and Ecolux which seem to be the same company and same discount code :+1: also Fogstar with a 15% discount code. :wink:

:+1: :+1: :+1:

:+1: :+1: :+1:

I have emailed all the battery suppliersthat don’t have a working code and asked if they could kindly help us out with a discount code (in the EU /USA so far) will update if I get a reply.