✅【 GROUP BUY 】Convoy 3X21A 3*SFT40/SST40 6800LM 3*21700 Flashlight ✺


✺ CONVOY 3X21A ✺

3xSST40/SFT40 Flashlight

Group buy price - $58.49-63.11




Product name



Aluminum alloy

Low voltage warning

Automatic power off

Reverse polarity protection

None,The positive side of the battery should be facing the head

Lens Type

Ar-coated glass lens




TYPE-C charging interface (charging current 3A)

Switch position

Side button in the head

Mode memory


Tail stand


Battery included or not

Not included

Battery type required

3*21700 batteries (unprotected)

Luminous flux

Maximum 6800LM(SST40)/5400LM(SFT40)


Maximum 265KCD(SFT40)/142.5KCD(SST40)


Maximum 1029m(SFT40)/755m(SST40)



Output current

17.8A (SFT40)/16A(SST40)

Head diameter


Battery tube diameter


Flashlight length


Product weight


Weight with box


Packing size

183 * 98.5 * 78.9mm

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Interested in SFT40 version, if it is the 3x21A like in your picture.

I am considering buying either this Convoy 3 x 21A or Sofirn Q8 Pro.

The 7.7 Sale in Singapore is approaching. The price of Q8 Pro will come down to just around US$60 (without battery).

On paper, the Q8 Pro claims to generate up to 11,000 lumens, whereas Convoy 3 x 21A can produce only about 6,000.

Can anyone share insights in comparing these two lights? What are their major pros and cons?

Convoy 3x21a will have much more throw. Much more. So you will need to decide do you want twice as many lumens (bright) or twice as much throw (distance), may not be twice as much throw but it will be noticeable to the eye.


this will probably be the one new Convoy I buy right away. I have enough sbt90 lights, and this will save me from having to modify the ft02s with sft40. Can't wait for this light.

I just wish the head was bigger like 80mm :)

Interested, Anyone have a size comparison photo next to a BLF Q8?

What UI does it use?

Thanks Artiet59 for your insight.

Now I am leaning towards buying this Convoy light. I have a Sofirn Q8, and so in no urgent need for the Q8 Pro.

BTW, can we expect more “discount” offers during the upcoming 4th of July holiday?

I am outside of the USA; therefore, I don’t know the shopping business strategy or whether such sale event is going to happen at all during such a major American holiday.

Here in Singapore, sale is happening every month. Last month it was the 6.6 Sale. Now the 7.7 Sale is coming. And next month, it will be an even bigger monthly sale of 8.8 which will coincide with Singapore’s National Day on 9 August.

I would be interested to compare the beam angle between this and the Q8 Pro.

Interested in SFT40 version

interested in sft40 version :stuck_out_tongue:


SFT40 order placed. Thank you :slight_smile:

Interested in SFT40 version.

Interested in sft model.

Order placed for a 3X21A SFT40 version, thank you for the coupon.

What is a good 21700 5000mah battery for it?

Molicel NPE INR-21700-M50A 15A 5000MAH FLAT TOP


VAPCELL G50 21700 15A FLAT TOP 5000MAH

Any other high capacity and high discharge cells you would recommend?



I would think this would be good as well (US customers)

Thanks for the suggestion, will look into it. :slight_smile:

I am wondering does this light accept button top cells or does it have to be flat top with the provided adaptor?

thank freeme for my request.