【 N E W 】 Nitecore TM10K INTEREST LIST ✺ 10,000 lumens Tiny Monster with revolutionary design


10,000 Lm Tiny Monster with revolutionary design

If you are interested, notify in this thread (not in PM)

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Interest list

  1. Fin17
  2. Old_Klein
  3. djypo
  4. weklund
  5. mizjif
  6. MXDan
  7. Nicko69
  8. firedome

Yes i want it… Looks perfect for me

They should’ve used two 21700 cells in that body, it would’ve made a big difference.

Yeah. Would have made a massive difference in efficiency and lifespan of the cells.

2x Samsung 40Ts could easily yield the 35A for turbo, along with a much higher capacity.

Do you think this is a wrong decision of the manufacturer?

It might not have been practical to design it to accommodate two cells, but I think they made a huge mistake in the cell they chose. 10,000 lumens is going to require around 30A. Nitecore chose to maximize capacity by going with the 48G, but that cell is only rated for ~10A drain. So I’m skeptical it will actually hit the claimed lumens, and even if it does, using turbo is going to be very hard on the battery. They should have chosen one of the 3,000-4,000 mAh cells that can handle high drain. Sure, you wouldn’t be able to advertise as long of battery life, but it would be the better choice for battery longevity. Considering the battery is soldered in, avoiding premature battery wear/failure seems like it should be important.



Yes … Please

36 Amperes on Turbo…
Poor battery…


Interest list updated

I’m interested.

Im iterested.


Ten lumens?

Nitecore needs to step up their game!

How about this?

X lumens


CCꟾↃↃ lumens

Im interested.