Arctic Silver thermal compound and epoxy for cheaps on Jab-tech (US)

I ordered 3 each of the AA and the AS glues, plus a heatsink. They refunded $4.40, and what I received was 3 of the AA and 1 of the AS plus the heatsink, so the refund was for short-shipping 2 of the AS. The shipping was $11.90, USPS Priority, which was the only choice they offered on their website, so it was an ok , but not great deal for me.

Damn man that’s a rip! Guys break your orders up, I paid $3.58 shipping for 7 tubes (3 AS and 1 AA), there’s no reason to pay $12 shipping, split your orders in two and pay $7 shipping total. Who knows, they’ll probably see the two orders and ship them together anyway.

I also ordered a couple each of the AS5 and AA. One of the packages has the oily stuff in it. I won’t have time to mess with it for at least a couple weeks, but will update when I do.

Most adhesives have an expiration associated with them. I suspect this stock is seriously out of date if the part-B is separating.

As a reference, I purchased the 2 part epoxy Arctic Silver over 2 years ago and it is still very workable.

I also have the Arctic Silver 5 paste, and it too is still perfectly mixed.

It is unfortunate that the manufacturer failed to date their product for the consumer.