Are any of these knives clones?

UPDATE: I have decided to not sell any of the knives in this thread on the forum that doesn't allow clones.

Thanks for the advice, everyone!

I'm trying to sell some knives on another forum where knife clones are not permitted.

Knife clones are knives that look identical to other manufacturers' previously designed knives.

Are any of the following knives clones, and what are they a clone of?

Enlan Bee L04GN

Enlan EL-01A

Enlan EL-02 Micarta

Enlan EL-04 MCT

Enlan M020FH

Sanrenmu 939

Sanrenmu GB-763

Sanrenmu Land 6261

Sanrenmu ZB-T21

Tekut LK5050

Thanks in advance!


I think bad news.

I say they are all clones.

Do we really think these companies are the first with that design?

Now IDK if any infringement times frames have expired (knowing when the first of a design was brought to market) but as far as it being a clone as opposed to being in violation of patent law. I bet they are all clones (knives are just old and designs have been around a long time).

Maybe a google image search would yield the original knives of a given design?

I would start with Benchmark and Spyderco a place to start for design originators.


Just off the top of my head, all the knives with the “acksis” lock will get you grief if it’s the forum I’m thinking of.

I have purchased knockoffs
butt I refuse buying clones with trademark symbols on them
does that make me a hypocrite?

Let me remind everyone,

"Knife clones are knives that look identical to other manufacturers' previously designed knives."

Just because a knife has an axis lock doesn't mean that it is a clone.

And, when I say if any of the following are knives clones what are they a clone of?, I am serious.

Don't just tell me that they're all clones.

Which ones are clones and what are they clones of?

I think that they are more…copies or “heavily inspired” by other knives rather than specific clones. Eg. The Sanrenmu ZB-T21 looks a lot like a Grayman Dua, but isn’t exact. The same can be said for others up there. Where you can see clearly what knife it is meant to resemble. But there are no “clones” as far as I can see. But I don’t know all makes and models.

wow, you want a lot
I’m not a lawyer

Thanks you!

I get that you opened up the question to a flashlight forum, but to think we owe you a satisfactory answer is stretching expectations a bit.

they are your knives
If we can assist we will
If you are have a question about complying when YOU sell YOUR knives it is incumbent upon YOU to do the research.

But maybe I miss understood you?

I think that what I want is pretty simple.

We'll have to agree to disagree.

What happens if you advertise a clone over there, do they cull your listing or ban you?

What if you just put in a statement saying as far as you know they are not clones but if any of them are please send a PM and you will remove the offending item?

I did unwittingly try to sell some clones.

They gave me a warning while I was asleep.

By the time I got up, the thread was gone.

If I try to sell a clone again, I'll be booted for two weeks.

I don't think that will work.

It is my responsibility to know my knives.

They won't even tell me which knives I am trying to sell are clones.

What is it with knife groups and clone knives, why do they care so much?

I don't agree with their point of view, but it's their forum, their rules.

Lol, they probably won’t tell you which one because they don’t know themselves, they’re probably just assuming that because they’re Chinese they must be clones. :person_facepalming:

While that may be true, I think it would be best if we don't bash other forums.

They sound like a bunch of ass-hats.

Hey RC, check this topic, GANZO KNIVES, 6&7-SERIES
I like that Ganzo gives me design fusions between the Benchmade locking and designs of others for a price I can justify ordering some(am not going to pay morethe $14 on a knife so the “real brands” are not even considered let alone known to me.
A lot of the times when I have seen a real blatant copy I will not buy it, but for example the cut out for thumb in the Ganzo knifes that are clearly “inspired” by Spiderco look a lot nicer then the round Spiderco cut out, so at the same price I would still go for Ganzo and with that design choice it seems no longer a clone anymore.
There is only so much a design can look like and even “A brands” can look a lot like each other.

It seems you also want to “dry run” a discussion on clones here in this friendly environment before getting a sh!tstorm on that other forum.
So lighten up when people are a bit critical here, it sounds like that other place is going to be much worse :slight_smile:
I see people direct you to brands, and think it is a bit easy to respond to that with a “Which ones are clones and what are they clones of?” for if people don’t see it right away you are pointed to some original designs so you can answer that question yourself.
Like what I did, pointing you to the Ganzo topic that has a lot of pictures of original designs, that should help you compare, but an almost angry response “Which ones are clones and what are they clones of? Stop trolling” seems almost like you expect me to compare your knifes on that list and frankly, that is kind of your task IMHO and I would love to see what you discover, if you keep it in the OP, this thread could become a gem for future reference if others start adding knifes as well as has been happening with the Ganzo´s
Have a good weekend buddy!

EDIT: hey! Dang, just wanna be helpful man :frowning:

Sometimes it funny to see that you think a model from Sanrenmu is a clone from… Böker for example and… it isn’t, the böker model is the a rebranded knife from Sanrenmu, for example the ZBT21 from Sanrenmu is MAGNUM FIRST RESPONDER, but Sanrenmu makes and Böker put its logo after.
With Enlan too, Böker has the EL08, EL03 and EL01 like models in its Magnum series but the maker is Enlan.

The Miller, I don't have any Ganzo knives in this thread.

Also, I researched all of the knives that I have for sale before I created this thread.

I am only listing the knives that I am not sure if they are a clone or not.