Are my Eneloop Pro's fake?

These Eneloop Pro’s fake? I suspect they are.

I purchased 3 4pack of Eneloop Pro’s and they tested only to about 1900mAh or just a tad under with the Opus BT-3100 v2.2 charger. The other problem is the packages just basically fell open so I am suspecting they are either fake or used.

Did you charge them before testing?

They may have been sold before, and refunded, so it’s an open-box item.

I would speak to the store you bought them from as quickly as possible.

I spot a few typos on the back that shouldn’t be there, it’s like someone sat down and typed everything by hand off a genuine pack.

Ok thanks I requested a return if they don’t proceed then I will go the CC company and they will cancel payment.

Well seller contacted me and asked me if I would keep them if they provided a partial refund. I have asked them how much of a refund as I paid $24 for 12 batteries… They have all tested right around 1900mah. From testing they have all tested around 1.22v and between 1878-1898mah so if the partial refund would put the battery some wheres between $1-1.50/ea then I guess that would not be a terrible price for a battery in the 1900mah size.

Fake Eneloops…you don’t say?


Return ’em for a full refund. Even only 1buk each for garbage cells is ridiculous.

You won’t get either the capacity or the longevity as real eneloops.

(And me personally, I’d get regular eneloops vs the pro.)

Dunno the price of amaloops, but they may be worth the shot, too.

I think there is just too many fakes out there. I purchased mine from a seller in US and probably a victim himself/herself. I been reading quite a few fakes from various sites so I am thinking of just purchasing Amazon made in Japan batteries as they have through various testings appear to be rebadged Eneloop Gen2 batteries just a bit cheaper and since Amazon is really the only seller as it’s there products no fakes from them.

I read on another forum where new fakes with the packaging only having like 1 thing off so even the packing for fakes are improving so unless you have the money to buy directly from Japan which I do not I really think there is just too many fakes to risk it. The Ikea batteries would be good too but that is an hour drive to a local store for them as online are all rip offs so Amazon seems to be best choice.

Where did you buy them??

$24 for 12 Eneloop Pro’s was your first clue something wasn’t right. :person_facepalming: . :wink:

Like Lightbringer, I too buy regular Eneloops. Pro’s are not worth the extra cost ‘to me’.

Thomas Distributing is my ‘go to’ Eneloop dealer unless I find a sale a reliable dealer is having. However… this is pretty rare as “reliable dealer” & “sale” do not often go hand in hand. :wink:

You want to be 100% sure your Eneloops are the real deal & made in Japan…. Thomas Distributing is a dealer I can recommend with absolute certainty. I’m sure there are other dealers in this category…. but I am not familiar with them.

Pay a little more… get the real deal. They last a looooooong time. I am still using all the Eneloops I bought in 2006…. and they are all still going strong.

Testimony over…. :wink:

100% fake

Do you remember which forum? I'd be very interested.

No forget which one but would of been nice of the person had shown packing but I remember poster stating that it looked like the real thing except battery model was for AA he did not catch that and a single spelling error lesk instead of leak.

Amazon review of a fake by a US Seller.

I think some are much like the printer counterfeit ink that went around for a while. The sellers themselves were victims as the packing was that close to the real thing it required Epson themselves to step in and check the products and they found it the problem was as widespread as being in Walmarts and other major chain dealers. I think the Eneloop problems will continue to spread. The counterfeiters are getting cleverer showing real package and shipping fakes as one example. Also another thread I read is that Chinese are storing them in US and listing as US seller in the US exasperating the problem even more.

Ow, that is even worse.

If you ever come across the thread feel free to send me a message. I'd like to check it out!

@ molitar….

Where / what shop did you buy these from??

Knowing that might save someone else from making the same mistake.

I get my Eneloops here:

They're real, and somewhat cheap, but they only ship to the U.S.

Well I contacted Ebay as seller wanted me to mail them back to China on my dollar. When I reported to Ebay they said do not return them we will have you sign and affidavit that you will not sell them and we will return your money. This is their move against counterfeit items.

So I signed it and uploaded it and they closed my case with a return on it’s way in about 3-5 business days.

Seller Meegop on Ebay. They ship from US and report selling from US but they are in China. Seems China is housing in US for these scams. Well good news Ebay is not going for it and just having you sign a waiver that you will not resell them and refunding the money.

@ molitar
Thank you for the info & update. Glad you got your money back. :+1:

I think Ikea own brand 2450 mAh AA cells are Eneloop Pros. Some Amazon basics were Eneloops. Look for made in Japan, there is said to be only one Japanese battery maker.